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August 30, 2017

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This year our oldest is starting KINDERGARTEN! He will be attending a public school with “standardized student attire”, which is basically a fancy way of saying school uniforms.


His school uniform is super plain:

- Navy Bottoms

- White Top

- Navy or White Sweater if its cold outside

- White, Navy, Brown, Black, or Gray Shoes


Even though Caleb is only five, he has a very established sense of fashion. He prefers tailored cuts, cool shoes, and anything dinosaur related. He is a little bummed about the uniform since he won’t be able to rock all his dinosaur tees and comfy pants. But with a few folds here and there and different cuts of pants, he’ll be able to show his individuality through his school uniform.


Naturally, we turned to Osh Kosh to our back to school needs. They have high quality and ADORABLE clothes. I love that I can go there and get SEVERAL outfits without spending too much money. 


Here are some ways you can personalize your school uniform without breaking dress code:


Let your kids choose. By giving your kid’s choices, it really helps them take ownership of their style and their uniform. As parents, sometimes it’s easier (okay, it’s ALWAYS easier!) to shop online or to leave the kids with someone so you can pop in and out of a store. But I made it a point to take Caleb back to school shopping with me so HE can pick out his clothes. 


Here are some questions I asked to help narrow his choices down: (PS - anyone else's kid take forever to make a decision!?)


“Caleb, would you rather have the navy blue sweater with a neck like a U or a neck like a V?”

“Caleb, do you want a shirt that buttons all the way up or a shirt with only a few buttons?”

“Caleb, why don’t you go pick out the shoes you want to wear.”


Same color different cuts. Keep within the color scheme of the uniform, but switch it up with different cuts of pants. For Caleb’s uniform we bought Navy Blue Joggers and Navy Blue Chinos.



For PE days he still has to wear navy blue bottoms and a white top. We got these French Terry Pants. It has an adorable taper that I love! Caleb couldn’t care less about the cut of these pants though. He just doesn’t want “comfy pants that get itchy” (you know how if you wash sweatpants too much and it gets all pill-y and scratchy).




Fold it.  I love cuffing pants or shirts because it’s a super easy way to bring style to a piece of clothing, it accents shoes or other accessories, and it’s timeless.

One way to extend the longevity of your school uniforms (since the same pieces will be worn over and over again) is to buy pants a size bigger and cuff the bottom. We bought these chinos a size bigger so Caleb will have some growing room for the year. Nothing is worse than buying clothes for your kid only to have them grow out of it two weeks later.


I also love the look of folding up the arms of shirts.


You can fold up short sleeved shirts.


And long sleeved shirts. We bought a few of these long sleeve button ups  because they don’t need to be ironed AND they look okay if they’re a little wrinkled! I really hate ironing. Caleb is a big fan of the over the elbow cuff when he wears long sleeve shirts. (He needs full range of motion)


ah, tight rolled pants. <3 


And the messy below-the-elbow cuffs too.

I prefer to get long sleeve shirts and then just rolling them up because he can easily roll them down if he gets cold. Also because my son loses about 3 jackets and sweatshirts a year because he’s taking them on and off and misplacing them. Lawd.


I did however have to get him a sweater for times when it’s East Coast frigid. Caleb wanted the V Neck because he says that he feels “choke-y” in a crew neck sweatshirt. (My poor guy has a massive head).


Accessorize. For boys it’s a little bit harder to accessorize when in uniform. Girls have headbands, bows, ruffle socks, high socks, low socks, sweaters, pull overs, cardigans. Boys can accessorize with sweaters, belts, suspenders, and watches.

Since we got Caleb pants that were a little bigger we just decided a belt was a good enough accessory. Make sure to half-tuck so the belt shows! 



Fresh Feet. Another way way you can sort of show individuality in school uniforms is the kind of shoes you wear. The kids are only allowed to wear certain colors of shoes. On non-PE days he has to wear dress shoes. PE days are the only days he can wear sneakers. Caleb picked out these shoes for non PE days.



Help your kids show off their personality whether they’re in a school uniform or not! Use this coupon either online or in-store for 20% off your purchase of $40 or more!



In the comments, let me know what your favorite part of back to school time is! Or let me know your favorite memory of going back to school.   






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