Travel during a Global Pandemic

So its Fall-ish.

Socially, for some people, this virus is DONE.

Physically its NOT and infecting and claiming the lives of more and more people every day.

In Singapore, we were on lock down for a few months. Only going out for the essentials and just hanging out with each other. After about three months, we had to move internationally, and when we got back to the states we isolated ourselves again. We slowly opened up our social circle a little more to people we knew and trusted were taking precaution.

Being around the same people, doing the same thing, and never leaving your residence might work for some — but our adventurous, super social, and extra curious kids? No freaking way. The international move and opening up our social circle helped a lot, but it still wasn’t enough.

We were at each others throats.

We were wound so tight that a small little thing sets us off.

Everyone was crying more.

Everyone was complaining more.

Everyone was whining more.

There's so much you can do in your house/yard with your kids!

Our friends suggested to meet them at the beach, So with lots of hesitation, we did.

North Beach in Tybee Island, Georgia

We quarantined for two weeks before meeting up with them.

We packed the car with snacks and drove to minimize contact with people.

We stayed at reputable Air BnBs/vacation homes that wrote about their sanitizing processes.

We traveled during off season.

We masked up everywhere we went.

We washed hands.

We brought extra cleaning supplies for the Air BnB.

One person did the grocery shopping.

My anxiety was high and I was cleaning the vacation home to make myself feel better...

But our families laughed. The kids spent time with DIFFERENT people. Everyone’s cup was full. Most importantly, EVERYONE was in a much better mood after we got back.

I wish I had a Travel Guide for you for what to do while in the Outer Banks, NC and while in Tybee Island, GA but we literally went from the beach…. back to the house… played board games… ate a lot… watched movies....and repeated the cycle for 4 more days!

walking around Savannah, Georgia on a quiet Monday morning. For the most part, we were by ourselves and it was heavenly. When it got crowded, we wore masks.

According to The Washington Post, there’s no such thing as safe travel. Which makes me extra nervous because I’m high risk (ya girl is ~30 weeks pregnant at the moment).

I could give you tips on safe travel during a pandemic.

But honestly, I have no idea wtf I’m doing. HAHAHA!

I felt irresponsible going on vacation while this was pandemic was going on.

I felt scared going on vacation while this pandemic was going on.

But I felt CRAZY, short tempered, and AT MY WITS END for staying home for this long.

Eventually, the world will open back up again.

Eventually, your anxiety won’t be so high.

Eventually, the new normal will take place.

But until then… do what makes you comfortable.

Do what keeps you sane.

But most importantly… BE SAFE.


I'm Justine. I'm married to the military and a mother to brothers. Welcome to my little space on the web!

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I'm just trying to see the world, eat everything without breaking out into a rash, and leave the world a little better than how we found it.


I'm far from perfect, a little sarcastic, a little self-deprecating -  but always awesome and always looking on the sunny side of life! Click around and stay a while! 

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