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Welcome The Sunny Spot - a monthly spotlight of my favorite brands that will keep you looking cute and saving the world! Of course, it's important to shop your closet, buy secondhand or borrow from a friend, buy things with longevity in mind, buy only if you NEED it, and if you *do* have to buy something new consider purchasing from an ethical and sustainable business!

What’s an ethical business? Welp lemme tell you - An ethical business is a business that has all individuals involved in the manufacturing of the product (in the field, factories, transportation chain, and stores) in proper and ethical working conditions. It basically means facilities are clean, the employees earn a livable wage, and they have proper breaks and working hours.

What's a sustainable business? Is a business that strives to have a positive impact on the environment and community. These businesses produce products that are manufactured and marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible”. Which means these companies use natural resources (water, energy, land soil, animals, plants, etc…) carefully and efficiently, use renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc), and remake, reuse, and recycle product.

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It’s no secret that R. Riveter is one of my favorite ethical brands. I was a brand ambassador for them for a year and while I no longer work with them, I still LOVE their products. Also, there’s this solidarity because I am also a military spouse, so I totally feel for them…

A little background about the company:

R. Riveter is a company that started off in an attic between two incredibly frustrated friends, Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse. They were both military spouses. They both had Masters Degrees. They were both applying for jobs and turned down because they were over qualified.

On average, military families move every two to three years (for us, literally seven times in the 8 years we’ve been married). Military families move 10 times more often than civilian families. Frequent moves plus a deployed spouse and no family support?! What happens in 2-3 years when you have to move? Then the company has to find a replacement!

What happens if your kid is sick and no one can stay home with them? Guess you have to take another day off.

No wonder no one wants to to hire us!

No wonder why military spouses are more likely to work in positions that are WAY BELOW their education level or work for less pay because we have this “welp, something is better than nothing” mindset.

Ethical? YAS.

So Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse developed this new way of manufacturing. They ship raw material to military families all over the United States. Then, from the comfort of their own home, military spouses sew, dye, cut, hammer, and ship the finished pieces back to a main assembly location in North Carolina. If the service member gets a new duty station, then the RRiveter employees are able move their work as well! RRiveter pays their employees by part and it varies depending on the specific part. So you can earn as much or as little as you want based on how much work you put into it.

Each bag is stamped with a Riveter number (example: RR034) and each individual piece in the bag is stamped as well. You can look on the RRiveter website to “meet the Riveters” see who sewed what piece and where exactly in North America did it come from.

Not only does RRiveter pay their employees fair wages and provide proper working conditions for everyone involved, they are creating a sense of empowerment for many spouses who often feel pushed to the side when it comes to employment. R Riveter creates a sense of community, a sense of camaraderie, and allows individuals to work together for something bigger!

You can shop the RRiveter products online at

If you’re local you can shop at the brick and mortar store in Southern Pines, NC:

154 NW Broad Street, Southern Pines, NC 28387

If you’re interested in becoming a Riveter, you can go here.

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