Sustainable Family Travel

In February I started to give up 40 days of single use plastic.

Well that became an addiction – it was almost like “what ELSE could I cut down on?!?!”

The rest of the family took notice and we’ve become addicted to sustainable living and eco friendly travelling! We’re only starting out but here are a few SUPER EASY tips for your next family vacation!

how to have an eco-friendly family vacation //

This first one is super easy – if you're staying in a hotel, don't change your towels every day and change sheets every other day. Hotels have these green signs that say “if you don’t want you sheets/towels changed, just leave them on the rack/put this sign on the bed/put this sign on the door”. Save some water and put the sign up or hang the towel up. If you’re staying two weeks in a hotel, I’m not saying don’t change your linen for two whole weeks… just go a couple days!

Wear reef friendly sunscreen — Chemicals in the sun screen wash off into the water, get absorbed by the coral, and unfortunately end up killing/bleaching the coral. My personal favorite reef friendly sun screens are LaRochePosay and SunBum they’re strong enough to protect my little dudes from the Southeast Asian Sun, gentle enough for baby skin, AND they don’t turn you a weird color! Family Clean Up – Grab a bag and clean up wherever you are (we holiday by the beach a lot). You feel good, it doesn’t take long, and you’re totally doing your part to help the Earth. While we were Thailand, my family and I made sure to clean up our area and the surrounding area before we set up to hang at the beach all day.

BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag. If you get one of those foldable reusable bags, you can throw it in your backpack and purse and use that if you’re shopping for souvenirs or at the local market! Or if you travel with a backpack, skip that plastic bag all together and throw your purchase directly into your backpack.

how to have an eco-friendly family vacation //

bamboo straws, ftw!

BYOCAS – Bring Your Own Cutlery and Straws – Instead of using single use plastic straws, spoons, forks, and knives... bring your own, refuse plastic cutlery, and wash it when you get back to your hotel. I started carrying my own cutlery and straws and in my bag Use public transportation when possible!

Pack light – When we travel we pack a few outfits, use carryon luggage, and then bring a small container of powdered laundry detergent with us. We do laundry in the hotel room and hang it in the bathroom. The lighter the plane the less emissions!

SORT YOUR TRASH. Of course, when you travel to developing countries you HAVE to drink bottled water. But in these countries they have a lot of sorting bins for trash (especially at night markets!) so throw your rubbish in their respective bins, recycle what you can, and compost what you can. They’re usually color coded with a picture on it so make it easy for all travelers!

Anne Marie Bonneau, a Zero Waste Chef, said

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions doing it imperfectly.”

Make conscious choices when you buy! Baby steps to save Planet Earth, my friends!

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