look back at it: september


We did a whole lot and a whole lot of nothing this month.

This was the first month that the kids had a school holiday and we didn’t go on a trip! It was GREAT! We didn’t have any where to be. We didn’t rush anywhere. We didn’t stress about much. It was awesome.

September started off with Jay and I going on a WWII Tour around the pivotal parts of Singapore. We booked through The Original Singapore Walks. Learning about the history of Singapore was awesome, they truly rose from the ashes of devastation and became a powerful city-island nation today. Super inspiring!

bullet of a large naval gun // sunnyinjune.com

Just me with a BULLET of a large naval gun. These guns were meant to pierce ships and have delayed explosion. When used on land they didn't work as well -- instead of piercing ships they pierced the ground and when the enemy saw them land, the delayed explosion allowed the enemy run a safe distance away.

We celebrated the MidAutumn Festival with mooncakes and tea. The MidAutumn Festival is celebrated mostly in the Chinese and Vietnamese cultures. They celebrate the end of the Autumn Harvest and full moon with moon watching parties, lantern walks, and family parties! It's at a time of year where the moon is the brightest. A full moon represents property and reunion for the whole family. We've never done anything like this before so it was super cool to participate in! Hopefully I'll remember to bring this tradition back with us when we move back to America! Legend has it that mooncakes helped free the Yuan Chinese people from Mongolian rule after they organized an uprising using mooncakes to hide and deliver messages to each other! (read more here)

Last month I talked about all the crazy health issues I’ve been having and discovered a few more recently - gluten and lactose intolerance. Because of my blood disorder, I had to cut down on the amount of meat I was eating because of the amount of iron that was in my blood. My doctor was concerned about having TOO MUCH iron and it affecting my liver. I recently cut down on my gluten and dairy intake and OH MY GOSH. WHAT A DIFFERENCE.

carved out some one-on-one time with my littlest man -- running with BOB Rambler in Lagoon // sunnyinjune.com

So I’ve adopted the crazy gluten free vegan lifestyle on most days! I’m not totally strict since I cut most of this food out for health reasons and not for animal/environmental rights. But it does make me feel good knowing I’m doing a little part to make the world a better place! I sometimes indulge in meat, dairy, and wheat but then I feel TERRIBLE afterwards and I need a nap. But my eczema is gone, I have a BUNCH of energy (I don’t drink coffee because it triggers my tension headaches), I sleep better at night, I’m more regular, and my tummy doesn’t hurt anymore! Yay!

I started carving out Lukey/Mommy time in the mornings. Every single morning, we run to the Botanic Gardens to see some lizards, ducks, fish, and turtles. I felt majorly guilty for not having any time with him since I’ve been so busy with the two older kid’s activities. Not only do I get one-on-one time with him, I also get a sweaty workout in! Its great! I downloaded this app called Charity Miles that allows me to monetize my workout!

For every mile you move, you help earn money for a charity of your choice! You can ask for pledges from your friends if you want, otherwise big corporations use their advertising budget to gain exposure and sponsor your runs. I think for every mile you run, companies donate $0.25 cents to your charity. We donate to the World Wildlife Foundation because Isaac is adamant on saving the rhinos.

watching Formula One qualifiers // sunnyinjune.com

We had our friend and fellow Olmsted Scholar from Japan come visit us! We did some touristy things – hanging by Marina Bay Sands, hiking with some monkeys, walking around Sentosa, visiting some WWII Memorials, and watching the Formula One Race. We felt super fancy and truly living our best Crazy, Rich, Asian lives!

JAY// is finishing up his first Trimester of Graduate School. He was SWAMPED with work. He getting his Masters in Strategic Studies with a certificate in CounterTerrorism. He joined a local softball league here. It’s so fun watching him play baseball again! He’s so humble in his career and in his role as a dad. It's nice seeing him be cocky on the softball field. It’s also hilarious seeing him in these awful uniforms LOL!


Caleb has been SO BUSY with activities. He was already enrolled in Tae Kwon Do and playing soccer with a club and at school. He recently joined the Competitive Team with his club and OH MY GOODNESS. He’s at the soccer pitch four times a week, two hour practices, plays soccer with school, and still does Tae Kwon Do and attends school. He’s happy to be playing, he’s happy to part of the team, and he’s happy with his current schedule. But HELP ME I’M COVERED IN BUG BITES AND I CAN’T STOP SWEATING because I’m always at the soccer pitch! On a positive note, I’ve started listening to a bunch of podcasts while he’s at practice! He’s really into chapter books, drawing, and making comics. His anxiety has subsided a LOT since he’s in a routine and his obsession with Pokémon cards is REAL.

No car? No Problem. Load the stroller up and lets go cheer our faces off at U8 kids soccer!

Isaac is doing soccer and Tae Kwon Do as well. He’s on his way to get promoted to a Blue Star White Belt! A Blue Star White Belt is a 2nd Degree Introductory Belt before he comes an Offical White Belt. He’s so proud of himself and we’re proud of him! He’s into playing video games with his Kuya Caleb and drawing with him. He loves drawing spiderman, family pictures, and writing his name and other potty words. Isaac and Luke love taking apart the couch and making bouncy houses and “obi” courses (obstacle courses). LOL

Lucas is at a really fun age where his personality is really shining. He gets frustrated when we don’t understand what he’s saying. He loves being active – running around, kicking things, throwing things, jumping off things, climbing things, etc. He’s also at that age where he lines EVERYTHING up. I love coming outside to shoes lined up, pillows, crayons, socks, Pokémon cards, pencils… you name it… he’s lining it up!

This month I posted about Long Travel Tips with Kids, the monthly Sunny Spot – highlighting an ethical and sustainable brand that I’ve been following, and some gift ideas since the holidays are coming up!

Thank you for sticking with me through all the inconsistent posting!

We only got three more months until the END OF THE DECADE!

Do what you need to do my friends -- chase your dreams, shoot your shot, start that business, have that kid, go on that trip, cut that person out of your life, nap if you have to, call that person, ask that dude to marry you, start that hobby, start that new show, see a therapist, start meditating, go to that restaurant you've been meaning to try.... JUST DO THE THING YOU'VE BEEN WANTING TO DO!

Good luck! Love ya'll! You're gonna crush it!!!!!

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