Travel Tip: What to keep in kids carry on

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Vacations are SO FUN. But travel days are terrible. I mean… terrible! Did I ever tell you about the time both kids threw up all over me and I walked off the plane with half naked kids in a vomit soaked dress? No? okay, read about it here. 🤪

I’m that mean mom that makes her kids carry their own stuff. Of course, we make sure to get to the airport with LOTS of time to get through security and saunter to the gate. We also make sure not to book flights with short layovers. We have made it a personal mission to not be that crazy, stressed, family that’s RUNNING through the airport because travel days are stressful enough.

My kids are a little older. They are 7, 4, and 2. Of course, I carry all the important stuff – travel documents, snacks, diapers, extra change of clothes, etc... My kids travel with all THEIR stuff.

what to keep in your kids carry on //

My 7 year old and my 4 year old with their carry ons. They're holding their cousin's hand. This was before our long flight to Singapore.

I think its important to note that when you pack, let your kids help you pack.

It empowers them in the choices they make.

They know exactly what they’re bringing.

You’re teaching them responsibility, independence, and priorities (Yes! Even the two year old!) I have the kids pick out the outfits they will wear while on vacation, then I'm the one that packs in in the bag. All those years of playing tetris finally paid off!

Also? LESS WORK FOR YOU! haaaaaaay!

My 7-year-old wears a standard size backpack while the two small one’s wear toddler size backpacks.


All three blankets/security cuddle toys


The tablet (we carry the chargers, but he is also responsible for charging the tablet the night before)

Two toys of his choice

Two snacks


Book of his choice


PJs if we’re taking a red eye


One or two of their favorite books

One or two of their favorite toys

Two snacks of their choice


Water Wow Activity Book



PJs & extra diaper/pull up if we’re taking a red eye

You can see what I pack here.

As a mom you want to make sure you over prepare for everything. These are your kids so of course you want to over pack. Of course you want to carry their bags. OF COURSE you want to pack it yourself.

But it's okay to let go of control a little bit!

Its okay to distribute the responsibility to your young kids.

Its okay to put down the mental load of doing everything for everyone.

Its okay that they decide that they don’t want to carry their bags. That’s what you gate check a stroller for! Or if you don't travel with a stroller, that's what you you have a rollybag for - to pile up all the bags you don't want to carry!

Traveling with kids is not for the faint of heart.

Traveling with kids can get pretty stressful.

Just know that travel days are the hardest but they don't last forever! You'll be able to enjoy your vacation once the travel day is over!

What am I missing? What are some things that your kids MUST travel with?

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