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Welcome The Sunny Spot - a monthly spotlight of my favorite brands that will keep you looking cute and saving the world! Of course, it's important to shop your closet, buy secondhand or borrow from a friend, buy things with longevity in mind, buy only if you NEED it, and if you *do* have to buy something new consider purchasing from an ethical and sustainable business!

What’s an ethical business? Welp lemme tell you - An ethical business is a business that has all individuals involved in the manufacturing of the product (in the field, factories, transportation chain, and stores) in proper and ethical working conditions. It basically means facilities are clean, the employees earn a livable wage, and they have proper breaks and working hours.

What's a sustainable business? Is a business that strives to have a positive impact on the environment and community. These businesses produce products that are manufactured and marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible”. Which means these companies use natural resources (water, energy, land soil, animals, plants, etc…) carefully and efficiently, use renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc), and remake, reuse, and recycle product.


When thinking of ethical swimwear what comes to mind?

The Little Mermaid? Seashell bikini?

The sail of a ship as a cover up?

Is it possible to have an ethical swimsuit? YES.

I had my eye on some Lime Ricki suits because I can’t be running after kids, throwing kids, swimming with kids, and playing with kids in an eensy weensy teeny tweeny polka dot bikini anymore. Unless I’m willing to risk body parts popping out, my bikinis are saved for diving and tanning. I was looking for something that was a little bit more full coverage but didn’t want it to scream MATRON. You know?

Lime Ricki has bold prints, adorable designs, and fun colors. The suits are full coverage and CUTE. No side boob, nip slips, or wedgies happening from these suits! If body surfing, sand castles, and crouching down and playing with your kids is your thing… then you really need to head to Lime Ricki’s Instagram and look at all the suits. You want to look cute and covered? DEFINITELY scroll through their inventory.

Lime Ricki is EMPOWERING.

They are an all woman company from design to manufacturing and logistics.

They never airbrush their models, and their suits are sewn in The United States in a responsible factory in Los Angeles, CA.

If you buy a suit, a portion of your purchase goes to charity: water. charity: water is an organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to developing nations.

charity: water funds water programs in 27 different countries around the globe in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. They’ve funded over 44,000 projects and helped over 10 million people get clean water. They are totally transparent. They give you access to their financial reports, provide photos and GPS of projects, and are at the forefront of sustainability with cutting edge water sensors and cloud computer technology.

LimeRicki started in 2007 by three sisters. They began with a small collection of 6 tankini tops and 3 bottoms that were all interchangeable. They’ve since expanded and continued to create adorable bathing suits that are mix-and-match so each customer can create their own unique look.

They have four different styles of bottoms and three iconic top silhouettes for some ultra-chic two piece options. Lime Ricki also has some timeless one piece suits that you can wear summer after summer.

I own the black classic one piece and the lemonade high neck peplum top with the lemonade high waist bottom.

I feel super sophisticated in the classic black one piece. You can make it lounge-y if you’re on holiday with your girlfriends with a red lip, a sun hat, and some statement earrings. In turn, you can just rock this adorable suit by itself without accessorizing.

Lime Ricki Swimsuit: The Classic Black One Piece

I love the combinations you can make.

I’ve paired the high-waisted lemonade bottoms with a black triangle bikini top.

I’ve also paired the high-neck peplum top with a black polka dot bikini bottom.

But I've also worn the two pieces together which makes it look like a peplum one piece.

Lime Ricki Swim Suit: High Waisted Lemonade Bottoms with High Neck Peplum Top

I like the feeling of security knowing I can move about in these suits without any body parts making a surprise appearance. I love all the different looks I can create with either a simple swap or an added accessory.

If you’re lounging with your friends at a pool cabana or making sand-men with your kids (sand-men… like snow men… but with sand) and in the market for a new suit, head over to their website and browse for something you like!

If temperatures are getting colder or you’re not yet ready to make a purchase, just give it a lil’ bookmark! Only buy what you need, my friends!

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