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Hey friends, its been a WHILE since the last life update. Since September of 2018 apparently. Now that life has slowed down for us lemme update ya’ll a little!

Well let’s see, what has happened since we moved to Singapore? Uh, LOTS.

After a tearful good bye we awkwardly settled in and probably offended 90% of the people we interacted with we got a place! We lived in a hotel for the first month until our apartment was ready.

We took a bunch of trips to Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. We’ve had family and/or friends come and visit us every month which was SO FUN! Honestly, I feel like we’ve been on vacation for the last 8 months. It’s awesome and terrible at the same time because we thrive on schedules and routine and we’re still eating like we’re on vacation!

All the trips and visitors helped a lot with the homesickness. We miss things like having a car and American medicine. Speaking of medicine – Southeast Asia has initiated us each (Jay lucked out) with a round of stomach flu and Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. Yaaaaay. I found out that there are no “sick seasons” like, flu season is ALL THE TIME. Yuck.

I’ve had some weird medical and emotional issues. I got my IUD taken out a few months ago -- NAH. WE’RE NOT TRYING TO GET PREGNANT -- because I was psycho and living with a weird dull tummy ache for like two years. I’m really sensitive to medicine (more on that soon!) so by removing it, I was hoping it would balance out my hormones.

I got it removed and I went from a crying-everyday-over-nothing-mess into a total rage monster. I got some tests done to rule out any hormone and thyroid issues. It turns out I have a genetic blood disorder called Alpha –Thalassemia Minor. Basically my blood cells are smaller than normal and I don’t have as much blood as the average person. Which is WHY I'm so so sensitive to medicine!

The kids are carriers for Alpha Thalassemia. We just need to be careful when and if they decide to have kids when they're older. Depending on who their partner is, their kid could have full blown Thalassemia which gets scary because that’s when blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants need to happen.

No daily mediciation or serious symptoms with Alpha Thalassemia Minor other than we need to monitor our Iron intake and we get tired A LOT faster than a normal person. WHICH MAKES TOTAL SENSE because I just thought I was out of shape alllllllllllll those years! 😅🤣

I’m seeing a Physical Therapist to relieve all the build up stress and muscle tension in my shoulders and neck after YEARS of moving, military life situations, nursing, carrying big bags, and cringing at embarrassing situations.

My mom, my husband, and my OB encouraged me to start seeing a therapist. At first I was all offended, like WHY?! But it makes total sense – growing up in an overachieving Asian household, getting pregnant out of wedlock, then getting married and having kids earlier than planned, theeeeeen deployments, seven moves, two careers, three C Sections, living far away from family, Being a 2w3 (enneagram, anyone?), and knowing how to manage my stress but like, not following through with it… like, DUH. Why didn’t I start seeing a therapist earlier?!?!

I definitely need help with my stress management and disproportionate anger. For example, I flip out on the kids for basically being kids -- making crumbs when they eat, not putting the toilet seat down, not eating over the plate, etc. And then thinking back on it like, why did I get so mad about it? Just help them clean it up and then keep moving. Luckily, my mind isn't stressed and I rarely feel overwhelmed BUT MY BODY omg --- it has gone crazy and responding to stress. My hair is falling out, I can't sleep then I'm tired all day, then I'm grumpy, I've gained weight (I don't know if it's cortisol or I'm trying to eat as much as possible before moving back to America😅) and I break out into this stress rash!! I've googled enough stuff that I KNOW how to manage my stress but I don't actually do the thing that de-stresses.

I only had the initial appointment, but I’m excited for some profound breakthroughs, soul searching, unpacking, and major weeping to happen. ✊🏼

In May, my dream finally came true and Jay and I got our scuba certifications. We’ve only been on a few dives but swam with Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, and a shipwreck from WWI!

Other than traveling around SEA/Singapore, toting the kids back and forth to their lessons, a lot of my time is spent blogging on here and doing Social Media Marketing for some clients. I’ve been volunteering with two local organizations – one is an ocean conservation organization and the other one is a non-profit that helps pregnant teens.

I completed my 2019 goal of solving a Rubik's Cube. And of course, got the entire family together for a picture so I can commemorate and celebrate it!

JAY// A few months ago, Jay became a Certified Personal Trainer! He has a few clients he trains around our condo complex. He started school for Strategic Studies and Counterterrorism. He casually signed up for a Spartan Race without training for it and showed up one weekend and completed it like it ain’t no thang. He has not practiced his Tagalog or Vietnamese at all because he's been busy with school, but he did take a trip to Vietnam where he practiced a little bit. He was recruited two different competitive softball teams. One that travels around Southeast Asia and one that plays locally. He’s currently stressed because he just filled out a “resume” for his next job placement after our time in Singapore is over. So cross your fingers he gets a good one!


Caleb At the beginning of the month, Caleb got his adenoids taken out. He had some issues coming out of anesthesia and putting him to sleep was really traumatic for me 😖, but other than that -- the surgery was successful! The issue came up because if Caleb wasn’t looking at us, he couldn’t hear us talking to him! It turns out his ears were full of sand (from the Thailand trip IN APRIL😳) and his adenoids were blocking about 85% of his airway. He couldn’t breathe through his nose and the ENT was concerned because his face started shifting to “mouth breather face” 🥴 They assured me that he’s still young so his bones will shift back and his face will be in proportion. He’s enrolled in soccer and Tae Kwon Do. He’s doing really well academically and found a small group of friends that he’s constantly laughing with, talking about, and getting into trouble with. At first it was a really rocky adjustment to his new school, but he’s doing fine and having the best time here! He told us that when he grows up he wants to be an Architect and build things. 😍

Isaac just turned four this past month! Rhinos are his favorite animal so for his birthday we went to The Singapore Zoo. Caleb fed the rhinos (Isaac was too small and too young) but Isaac got to get REALLY CLOSE to them! We celebrated with brownies and burgers after the zoo. For his birthday, Jay and I got him a bike! He's a master scooter so riding a bike will be a new challenge for him! Isaac isn’t enrolled in school because its absurdly expensive here. He'll be enrolled in school again when we go back to the states! He has a lot of friends in our condo complex and plays with them every single day. He’s enrolled in a music class, soccer, and Tae Kwon Do. He got his first star the other day! Two more stars and he can get promoted!

Lucas isn’t enrolled in school either because its just sooooo expensive. He's enrolled in music class with Isaac because he's still too young to be enrolled in sports. He spends a lot of his time scooting around and riding his balance bike. He totally understands tagalog which is AMAZING. He turned two in May and we celebrated with a BBQ and Swim party. Jay’s family was in town so we were lucky we got to celebrate with them! He’s really into firetrucks and cars. He’s a really picky eater but if its wrapped in seaweed, he’ll eat it! He's also the meanest one of the three kids and totally ruthless and doesn't care about your feelings at all. Just a total savage. Send help! Oh yeah! He really loves dogs!

A life update has been LONG overdue! I keep saying to myself “ooh! Once our life slows down a little, I’ll be more consistent.” But like, our life hasn't slowed down in 8 years so..... yeah!

Thank you for sticking with me through all the inconsistent posting!

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