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We’ve been Singapore residents for almost three months and we’re finally…kind of getting comfortable! One of the first things I noticed when we moved here was how small and compact everything was compared was to living in the states – the aisles in the grocery stores, the restaurants, the malls, the fridges, the toilets, the cars, the people… etc. literally everything.

We brought over a big ‘ol American running stroller thinking it would be good with the all terrain wheels for when we traveled to different countries. nah. I was heartbroken when I found out that we can’t fit anywhere with *THAT* as our daily stroller.

That's when we got the GB Pockit+ Cabin stroller and our lives were changed.

We could actually fit places.

We didn’t break a sweat when breaking down the stroller.

We weren’t accidentally running over people’s feet on the train anymore.

Look how small it folds up! I've carried purses bigger than this!

Obviously my favorite part of the stroller is how compact it folds up. It only weighs 5.6kg (a little more than 12 lbs). It folds up so compact that it fits under our shelving unit. It can also fit in the overhead compartment on an airplane!

NOTE: Your stroller does NOT count as a carry on -- so you can bring a personal item, carry on luggage, and your stroller onto the plane without checking anything in!

We’ve taken the GB Pockit+ on all kinds of different terrain: smooth mall floors, on walks around the neighborhood, on boardwalk bridges, the pebbly road at the park – and the wheels, steering, and navigation have stayed easy!

The neoprene fabric seat is easily breathable and the big sun canopy shields the sun. This is especially helpful in the hot, humid, gross, Singapore weather. If your baby spills something, there’s a diaper blow out, or over time the seat gets really yucky simply unsnap the seat and throw everything in the washing machine. EASY.


Don’t be fooled by the look of the small storage basket under the seat of the stroller. It’s deep. From experience you can fit FOUR water bottles, a pair of shoes, 3 hats, a container of wipes, a plastic bag of dirty clothes, and two toys.

"and though she be but little - she is fierce" -- I think this quote is about the storage compartment underneath this stroller.

The stroller is a three-in-one system that can can grow WITH your family. There are add-on options for a bassinet/cot for a newborn, it’s travel system ready so you can snap in an infant car seat, and the max weight it can hold is about 17 kg (a little more than 37 lbs)! (what is that like, a four year old? a light five year old?)

She is our new daily stroller and travel companion. She’s sturdy enough to withstand all our traveling, small enough to fold up and bring ANYWHERE, and chic enough to blend in with the Crazy, Rich, Asians of Singapore. If you’re in the market for a stroller that can keep up with your busy lifestyle and can grow with your family – consider the GB POCKIT+ Cabin Stroller!

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