every day carry: singapore edition

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On this edition of "What's in my Bag?" I'm showing you what exactly an American mom of three young boys carries every single day while living in a new country!

Ya know.. wallet.. keys… the usual. But like, my every day carry is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than what it was back home.

adapt. improvise. overcome.

my every day carry - what's in my bag: from a mom of three // sunnyinjune.com

The permanent look of concern and annoyance on my face as I try and navigate Singapore without a car and toting around a bunch of kids when it's hot and muggy. BUT MY BAG IS CUTE THOUGH ISN'T SHE?!

Now that I have a big kid and two toddlers, I’ve stopped carrying around a diaper bag and traded a diaper bag for a zippered tote bag. I love this one from RRiveter. Its called The Grant. The leather bottom, metal feet, and durable canvas makes it a strong AND cute for every day. I love RRiveter because it’s a military spouse owned company. Not to be bias or anything, but that’s like ultra badass.

I carry around a tote because its SO HOT here. I can easily carry around a backpack, but when it's 91 degrees Fahrenheit with 91% humidity your back is just soaked with sweat without a backpack. With a backpack? It’s torture.

Here’s what I’m packing every single time I leave the house:

my every day carry - what's in my bag: from a mom of three // sunnyinjune.com

The Grant can fit SO MUCH.

Diaper Clutch: This bad boy has four diapers, an extra pair of underwear for the big toddler, a change of clothes for the little toddler, and a change of clothes for the big toddler. Self High Five for managing to fit all of that in there.

Reusable Water Bottle – I told myself that I’m going to be being less wasteful so I make sure to being a reusable water bottle with me every where I go instead of buying a drink when I’m out and about. Also, water is necessary at all times because you’re constantly sweating.

Umbrella – teeny compact umbrellas that open up into full size umbrellas FTW! Singapore is either hot and sunny or hot and rainy. Since we live in jungle climate, it can be sunny in the forecast all day and then surprise! torrential downpour. Keeping an umbrella is also handy when the sun is just beating down on your kids and they're cranky – you can open up the umbrella for some relief on an especially sweltering day.

Pawis Rag – Or for the cultured folks out there – handkerchief. Pawis = sweat in Tagalog. This little square is my saving grace. Dab your sweat. Wipe your sweat. Get it wet and wipe down a kid that’s complaining that it’s too hot. I never leave the house without one.

Sunglasses – necessary!

CHOPE Napkins – Chope means “dibs!” When you’re in a hawker center and you spot a table, you claim it by throwing a package of napkins on the table! It’s also worth noting that barely ANY RESTAURANT has napkins for their customers. It’s not like back in America. In Singapore if you ask for napkins, they give you like, two… for your family of five.

Wallet – Of course, its very empty because its expensive here.

Baby Wipes – Every single guest that has come here has brought us a couple of packages of baby wipes from the states. ♥️ Probably because they saw my Instagram story rant about how expensive baby wipes are here. I make sure to keep a stash of them to wipe a table, wipe hands, or wipe some sweat off a child.

In a small pouch, I keep a fork, spoon, chopsticks, a metal drinking straw, and large bubble tea straw -- because we're trying to reduce single use plastic here, folks!

I keep a fold up fan for the hot days.

Reusable bag if I am out and about and grab something before going home.

I also keep this striped pouch handy because its full of necessary goodies:

my every day carry - what's in my bag: from a mom of three // sunnyinjune.com

I like how The Grant comes with a separate clutch that's hooked to the interior to the bag. I keep a bunch of important small items contained in here so they don't float around the large abyss that is the bottom of my bag.

Cleansing Wipes – when you’re psycho about germs and you live in the jungle where The Flu and Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease is ALL SEASON LONG you carry all types of anti bacterial/wipey things.

Hand Sanitizer – We don’t have a car so we get around with the bus, train, or walking. Yeah, Singapore is clean but like… germs. So Hand Sanitizer is necessary.

Hair Claw – I donated my hair back in October so it’s totally off my neck now, but every once in a while you get really gross and you gotta clip up half your hair.

Eye Drops – I got lasik last year and it was LIFE CHANGING! However, my eyes are perpetually dry. I thought living in a humid climate would mean my eyes are a little moisturized but naah. Also, Systane eye drops are theeee best eye drop for after lasik.

BandAids – when you have children, it’s just a really good idea to have bandaids on you at all times.

Baby Powder – my thighs... also this is nice to have in case the kids play in a sand pit or they get sweaty and sticky.

Diaper Ointment – this Australian diaper ointment is literally the best I’ve ever used. Diaper rash clears up the next day.

Inside the stripey pouch I also keep my Parent ID (for my son’s school) and my passport.

I have to carry my passport on me because my Singapore Foreign ID number is in it and you basically need this to make any kind of transaction that needs an ID (doctor, dentist, getting a phone card, etc etc).

I thought that once my kids get older I can ditch the big tote bag and start carrying around a smaller bag but nooo 😢 It’s cool though, big bags are adorable! 👌🏼

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