NEWater Visitors Center

I’ve preached about this until I’m blue in the face – Singapore is expensive. So we’re trying to find family friendly, interesting things to do, without spending hundreds of dollars a day.

We decided to check out the free tour of The NewWater Vistors Center!

yay! free and family friendly things to do in Singapore -- the NEWater Visitors Center

Singapore is a small island – about half the size of Los Angeles. You can drive from one side of the country to the other in about 45 mins with no traffic.

Since it’s a small country, one of the problems that they face is potable water for everyone. There’s not enough land for reservoirs to collect rain water and there’s way too many people in the country to keep up with the demand for water.

book your tour online, it lasts a little over an hour!

So Singapore gets water from four different sources:

  • rain reservoirs

  • importing water from Malaysia

  • desalinization of ocean water

  • and...RECYCLED WATER. Yes, recycled water. Like… sewage. 💩 10% of Singapore’s daily potable water is NewWater (recycled sewage 😲)

My kids flipped out when I told them we’re going to a factory to learn about how poo/pee water turns into drinking water. Poor Isaac thought I was going to make him drink toilet water.

We live in the Central part of the country and NEWater is on the East part of the country.

It was going to take us 1.5hrs to get there on public transportation or a 30 min Grab ride (Grab is Asia’s Uber or Lyft, read about our taxi gang story here).

So we opted for the 30 min, $44SGD Grab ride. Side note – Isaac threw up in the car because he got car sick because of a crappy Grab Driver.

Isaac wearing Lucas's shorts because he got sick on the car ride... poor guy!

When you think of a water plant the word “gorgeous” doesn’t really come to mind. But this place was GORGE.OUS. The tour was a little over an hour long. It was super informative for the adults and really engaging for the kids.

NEWater grounds... so pretty! Koi Fish Pond? YES PLEASE.

They gave tips on how to save water and how to reduce your carbon footprint. They have interactive games for the kids to teach them about saving water, cleaning up trash, and not being so wasteful. They take you through the treatment process – ALLLL the steps needed to make raw sewage, grey water, drain water, used water – potable!

the deep tunnel sewage system is even eco friendly -- they use gravity to pull all the sewarage/grey water down instead of machinery to move it around

The process is basically filtering, more filtering, molecular filtering, filtering through reverse osmosis, and insane amounts of sterilization.

a bottle full of NEWater!

At the end, there were bottles of NewWater and a little playground!

Was it an awesome tour? FOR SURE!

Would I pay for an $88SGD round-trip Grab drive there and back and have my kid throw up in the back seat? Ehhhh.

Would I bring my family and friends there? Yeah, it’s interesting.

If you only had a few days to explore Singapore, should I make a stop here? Probably not. But if you’re in the country for a long time its definitely worth a visit.

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