first seven days in singapore

The day before we left, we had *the best* impromptu going away party. We got texts starting at 11am saying "hey we just wanna stop by and say bye!" and people came and left steadily until midnight. It was sweet. It was nostalgic. It made us feel loved. // impromptu going away party

going away party, so sweet!

After (LITERALLY) 26 hours of traveling we finally arrived in Singapore. We started the first leg of our trip with FIVE HOURS in the car (with my mom!) from Las Vegas to the Los Angeles area. We stayed with my brother in law and his family because we were flying out of LAX the next day.

SIDE NOTE: my mom helped us fly with the kids and is staying with us for a couple weeks until we’re settled. Then she’s going to go home to the Philippines (since it’s like, a hop, skip, and a jump away from S’Pore!) to get some dental work done! THANK GOD FOR MOMS.

last day in LA was full of chick fil a, in n out, and massages //

last day in America

While in LA, we recharged with a 90-minute massage, lots of yummy American fast food, and family time.

The next day we took a 7PM flight out of LAX. Then, had a two-hour layover in San Francisco. THEN a 17 HOUR FLIGHT from San Fran to Singapore.

ready to take on this flight //

the boys didn't want to say bye to one of their favorite cousins!

The flight was long. The two older kids did really well. Lucas, the baby, was OVER IT after hour 5 so… yeah…

We arrived in Singapore ALL MESSED UP from the flight, dropped our bags off, and ate breakfast at our hotel.

singapore an island city half the size of LA. it takes an hour to get from one side to the other! //

Singapore, an island city half the size of LA!

The first three days were a blur. The kids were up at 4AM every day.

We OD’ed on melatonin.

We OD’ed on coffee.

We took naps at 9AM.

How we still managed to unpack and completely move into our temporary house is just beyond me! We also went grocery shopping and complained about howfreakingexpensive it is to live here. Singapore is like the Switzerland of Asia.

jet lagged kids //

jet legged kids + jet lagged adults = a terrible time

SO! Another side notewe’re in a serviced apartment until we get our permanent place. A serviced apartment is basically a hotel room with a kitchen. We can’t get a permanent place until we complete huge TO DO list by the US gov’t. THEN we can look at houses. THEN we can go through negotiations and whatnot.

On Day Four we began flat hunting. We took a trip here in May to understand the area, look for schools, and found an area we liked. We found all of that back when we first came so we were looking at properties at the apartment complex we fell in love with.

Day Five was when we started to get over our jetlag. It was also the day we grew some balls and DECIDED TO GET HAIRCUTS. I don’t know why getting a haircut and finding a new person is SUCH A BIG DEAL… but it is okay?! Anyway, I found this really amazing lead stylist who is familiar with wavy hair and bobs.

CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THE HAIR CULTURE IN SINGAPORE REALLY QUICK?! Okay wait, I will in another post because there’s so much stuff to talk about! Ugh. AMAZING.

Day Six We spent the day hanging out by the pool and didn’t really have anything planned so we started looking at tickets for a quick holiday weekend in Indonesia and went to a Hawker Center. A Hawker Center is like an outdoor food court! Lots of food stalls, lots of vendors, lots of places to sit, loooooots of yumminess.

zion hawker center - yummy food and super cheap //

a hawker center is an outdoor food court with SUPER DELICIOUS and super cheap food

braised pork short rib noodles //

braised pork short rib noodles // our life hack for hawker center is you just go to the stall with the most people in line and get food from there 🤷🏻‍♀️

hawker centers are sweaty //

its hot AF and there's no A/C so if sweating while you're eating is your thing... you should def. go to a hawker center 👌🏼

the weather at night is perfect! //

we don't have a car yet so we get around by walking, Grab (like Uber/Lyft), and public transportation! Singapore is super convenient so you can totally get around without a car. Walking at night is beautiful! Other than the mosquitos. The mosquitos are not beautiful.

Day Seven We went to Indonesia.

HAHAHA! Why do we always jam-pack our schedules and #takeallthetrips and #doallthethings? I don’t know. We just do. I always ask myself the same thing when I’m lying in bed reflecting on our jam packed day. I really love our lifestyle and how fast paced our family is, so when we DO have those rare moments of sitting-at-home-all-day-and-vegging-out, we really appreciate those.

As a family we WON’T be doing a lot of touristy things with just us five because we’re anticipating a lot of visitors. We want to be able to experience Singapore and keep the wonder and excitement and not take for granted living on this beautiful island-city.

When we lived in DC and friends came and visited us its like “ah, we’re going to go to the The National Mall… again… for the 7th time this year……” But DC has a bunch of traffic so I really loathed going into DC and being stuck in traffic for hours.

Anyway! These last few weeks have been crazy and I feel like I have so much to tell you all!

We have a super long To Do List with SO MANY THINGS to cross off but it’s like our hands are tied because there is SO MUCH waiting time in between tasks!

I can’t wait to share our Batam, Indonesia Trip… how the long flight was… and how we’re adjusting to the culture shock! Those posts coming up soon!

Until next time! xo