fall family pictures in the desert

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

My sweet, sweet friends Marla and Dustin visited Las Vegas over the weekend. The boys and I have missed them *SO* much. Their visit was full of food, boba, more food, and a little bit of hiking. Between all of that, we got in a little family photo shoot (minus Jay, of course. 😭)

Before our shoot, we went to In N Out. It was Marla and Dustin's FOURTH TIME eating burgers in like 3 days LOL! We're big fans of In N Out, so we're not complaining at all! BUT you can tell we totally ate in the car because the kid's shirts/my shirt has tons of food stains on it.

We made out way to Red Rock, a national park here in the Vegas area - with some of the most breath-taking rock formations and the prettiest hikes EVER, to take some pics. We tried to go for earth toned outfits with the little clothes we had since most of our clothes were en route to Singapore or in storage.

It was cute how amazed these two were because all that's in Virginia is trees, a little bit of rocks, and more green trees.

the dream team and my little men 😍//marlabondoc.com

REUNITED WITH MAH GIRL. // marlabondoc.com

Coat: UNIQLO // VNeck: american eagle // Jeans: american eagle // Booties: Target


outfit: h&m // shoes: target


outfit: h&m // shoes: nike


outfit: h&m // marlabondoc.com

get you a photographer that can snap adorable photos of your kids in a millisecond because these boys DID NOT behave LOL! // marlabondoc.com

// marlabondoc.com

// marlabondoc.com

// marlabondoc.com

Lukey was NOT happy. // marlabondoc.com

He kept falling down into the dirt and chipmunk poop and laughing. He kept wiping his hand son my pants and continued laughing. // marlabondoc.com

we walked off the path a little bit to take some photos. I'm sure we were walking through a chipmunk colony because there was little poop pellets EVERYWHERE and the boys thought it was THE FUNNIEST THING EVER.

NOTE: not to toot my own horn or anything -- but walking through the desert in heels officially makes you a badass.

We couldn't take our family photos without an album cover (we're not producing or putting out an album, we just like to pretend to pose like we're in a band - LOL! Don't ask me why) This is my favorite one.

If you're EVER in Northern Virginia or the DC area and you want someone to take your family pictures, you MUST contact Marla. If you're getting married, either in DC or somewhere... she'll fly to you, too. Email her. You WONT be disappointed. ♥️

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