look back at it: september

look back at it: september - a snapshot of my month // sunnyinjune.com

Only three more –ber months left. 2018 has flown by. For real. In 90 short days, we’ll be well on our way to Singapore. I’ve said it over and over but it still doesn’t feel real. Fingers crossed nothing else happens and we don’t get pushed back!

September was good to us. We didn’t go on any trips, but my brother and sister in law came into town! I love hanging with my in-laws. They came in for Caleb’s Yellow Belt Promotion Test. It’s no secret that I’ve been having a tough time with this solo parenting gig this time around so they helped buy Jay a plane ticket home for 22 hours to have some family time and to watch Caleb with his test! We also had some killer charcuterie.

look back at it: september - a snapshot of my month // sunnyinjune.com

I started going to church again. It’s refreshing.

I’m doing a wardrobe re-vamp. If you read last month’s look back at it, you saw that I literally brought 4 shirts and 4 shorts and a handful of dresses because we were expected to just spend a month here before moving.

My sweet, pregnant, and nesting friends have given me bags and BAGS of adorable clothes! I’d like to describe my style as “PreTeen Boy”. Now that I’m almost 30, I figure it’s time for me to dress my age. I swapped out my Vans and basketball shorts for some casual booties and jeans and boom – I look like a responsible adult.

JAY// is swamped with school work and stuff back in DC. He’s in school from 8am-12pm every day with two hours of homework for every hour he’s in class. Ew. We FaceTime a couple times a day and some of the stuff he’s reading is boooooring.


Caleb SO. Last month, we were told over and over again to get Caleb tested for ADD/ADHD. Turns out. He has massive anxiety and anxiety sometimes presents itself as ADD. We’re taking Caleb to a therapist so he can gain some proper coping techniques. He was recently promoted from White Belt to Yellow Belt. He has been working super hard and taking lots of pride in his new “TKD IS LIFE” mentality.

As a mom, I feel bad that I can’t provide for my kids. For example, I see kids riding their bikes in the neighborhood ALL THE TIME. Caleb wants to play but he doesn’t have a bike because we sold it before we moved with every intention of buying the kids bikes and scooters when we get to Singapore. So mama went garbage picking and picked up a PERFECTLY GOOD bike off the side of the street for my boy. He’s very apprehensively learning to ride a two wheeler.

Isaac is doing really well! He’s doing really well in school, really loving church, started tumbling once a week and started soccer once a week. He loves both extra curriculars. He loves coming to Tae Kwon Do and watching Caleb do his thing. He’s picked up on some kicks and punches.

Lucas got measured for a helmet this past month. I was concerned about his head at his 6 month appointment. His doctor wasn’t. I brought it up again at his 9 month well baby. Doc said “it’s merely cosmetic, you can get a helmet if you want but it would be about $5,400”. LOL NO THANKS. So at his 15 month well-baby I brought up my concern with his civilian doctor and she said “oh yeah, lemme get you a referral!” We got his head measured and they said “oh.. there might not be room for his occipital lobe. Lets get him in a helmet right away.” Whaaat. Gee Thanks, doc. Other than the whole flat head thing… Luke is very stubborn, incredibly clumsy, and he hates reading.


PLANNING // SOME BEAUTIFUL BLOG CONTENT! I’m slowly but surely finding a routine to write and take photos that I think you guys would love.

TRAVELING TO // We got a California trip planned for October! Yay!

LISTENING TO // UnF*ck Your Brain Podcast. If you’re a living, breathing human being that has self doubt. Listen to this podcast for confidence! I’m also really into Comments By Celebs. Sometimes we need to throw ourselves into the reality and gossip of celebrities because ourreality sucks and its nice to take a break sometimes.

READING // My PRAXIS Workbook. I’m taking the leap and going for my Middle School Math Certification. I’m digging deep into my brain and dusting off all these brain cobwebs while I do algebra. I forgot how much I love math!

HOPING FOR // For my family? I think I’ve got everything I’ve ever hoped for right now. I’m very happy! For the United States of America? I’m hoping for a lot. So make sure you’re registered to vote.


WATCHING // RBG Biography on Hulu. Also just watched A Star is Born this weekend and Smallfoot with the boys for the 4thtime.

THINKING ABOUT // Caleb. I’m just worried and wondering if I’m doing enough for him. It breaks my heart knowing he has anxiety. Then this brings me to think about my OTHER kids. If I’m focusing all my energy on one, do THEY feel left out? Am I enough for them? Ugh. Parenting.

ANNOYED WITH // The word “influencer”. People think that its just some “Instagram Model” pushing product. But like, technically I’m an influencer? I influence other young moms out there to show them that life isn’t perfect, that YOU aren’t perfect, and that everything is a work in progress. I influence others to treat life as an adventure, to stop thinking about the past and to keep moving forward. That it’s okay to laugh and make fun of yourself. That it’s okay to toot your own horn. That its okay to be a walking, talking contradiction.

GRATEFUL FOR // The sun. The sunrises and sunsets in Las Vegas are unreal. Any picture or photograph of the sunset doesn’t even do the real thing justice.

look back at it: september - a snapshot of my month // sunnyinjune.com

EXCITED FOR // Halloween. I made Isaac’s costume and it was super easy and cheap. This is the first year we won’t be dressing up as a family themed unit, but that’s okay!