child therapy? you're a bad mom.

*big inhale*

I’m bringing my son to therapy today.

*and sigh of relief*

It took a long time for me to be okay with it.

It took a lot of going back and forth whether to go forward this this decision or not. 

And a LOT of people are trying to talk us out of it.  

“Oh, I don’t think you should do that… kids are resilient... he’ll be okay.”

“just let him know that you love him, and he’ll be okay.”

“what are people going to think if you send you kid to a therapist?”

“if you send him to a therapist, they’re going to try and medicate him… just deal with him at home.”

“You’re being dramatic.”

“You need to step up and take care of him.”

“People might think you can’t control your child.”

“Therapy? That’s embarrassing…”

“what if he goes and ends up hating you?” 

Those were some of my favorite ones. 😉

 “but if you tell them you love them, they will be okay.”

Oh! So… if I tell them I love them, that means ALL their fears will go away? That means “I love you” can turn back time and take away all of the situations that they were in that’s causing them pain? REALLY? Aw shoot, I LOVE YOU! I didn’t know it worked like that! 😒

By you doing this, you are saying to your child: 

“Hey bud, we’re your parents and we will fight for you… we will protect you… and we will walk the ends of the earth AND THEN SOME for you. But this is a fight that we can’t fight by ourselves and we need help… so this person is going to help you but we’re not going to leave your side.” 

You’re not weak. You are STRONG. Your child isn’t weak. THEY ARE STRONG.  

Whatever comes out of those sessions you are going to take that shit and figure out how to move forward

What if we don’t address the problem right now? What if we let it fester and keep it in for years and year and years? Then who knows? Substance abuse? I don't know? But I do know that I have an opportunity to help RIGHT NOW and that's what matters. 

You see it in your kid – poor sleep habits, decreased performance in school, all around grumpiness for no reason, weird habit picked up?

“ah! But they’re just being a child…!” people say… 

But you feel it in your heart that there is something else going on? So you press the issue, you google, you seek advice, you get advice, you get unsolicited advice (lol… gotta love that!) and still you don’t feel like you’re enough. 

Well, you are. YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. 

“well, maybe spend some time with your kid. Oh, but that’s hard because you have other kids that need your attention…” 

Lets not sugar coat it, folks. Just say it. 

“You’re a bad mom.” 

But you’re not. 

You are doing a service to your child to give them the help that they need. 

You are breaking the stigma that comes with the term MENTAL HEALTH

You are saying we’re gonna get over this mountain TOGETHER

We are going to fight the fight TOGETHER. 

You are saying “LOL shut up all of you, I’m doing what is best for my kid.” 

Nah, dude.🤚🏼 You’re not a bad mom.

You’re a bad ass mom.

Keep fighting for your kids.

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