sample schedule for mom of three

This is basically what our day looks like:

1. Wake Up & Get Ready

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3. Sleep

Hah! jk, but it totally feels like that right!?

As spontaneous as I am, routines and schedules are *necessary* in this family. Our family operates a little bit different, so if this works for you then EXCELLENT! If not, that's okay! Life (and motherhood!) are all about trial and error, right?? 😅🤷🏻‍♀️

A few things about the dynamic of our family:

  • My husband is barely home because of work (he’s in the military).

  • I stay at home with the kids because childcare is super expensive and I would basically be paying to work because I would be paid a measly teacher’s salary.

  • I have two kids in school – one in elementary school and the other in PreSchool.

  • Having a clean house is SUPER IMPORTANT both for my family and for my well being. I mostly clean at night or on the weekends.

  • Staying active is also SUPER IMPORTANT, both for my family and for my well being, so I try and go to the gym or work out 5 times a week.

  • My kids are early risers and early sleepers.

These schedules are flexible. I don’t do everything RIGHT ON THE DOT but its pretty close. I’d say there is a 15-minute cushion. Sometimes we skip naps, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we have car naps, some times we don’t. Sometimes we have family naps, but those are really rare and I wish I could nap with my kids more LOL! In the beginning, car naps, baby carrier naps, and stroller naps were a common occurrence. When sports or extra curriculars are scheduled in, LOTS of snacks are packed and dinner and naps happen at practice.

OKAY! Without further ado…

Newborn, Toddler (20 months old), and 4-year-old

4:00am – 5:00am – Newborn eats

7:00am – Wake up, get 4-year-old ready for school and fed. Then wake Toddler.

7:30am – Load everyone in the car to drop 4-year-old off at Pre K. The toddler eats something easy (a waffle, a banana, a squeeze pouch, etc) in the carseat.

8:00am – Get home. Prepare a real breakfast for Toddler. Feed newborn while Toddler eats.

10:00am – Family Nap Time! While I nurse newborn *again*to put him to bed, the Toddler flips through a book in bed while he waits for me. After I put the newborn down to sleep, I lay down with the toddler until he falls asleep. At this point, I normally fall asleep too.

12:00pm – Lunch

12:30pm – Play time while Mom cleans up.

1:30pm – Load everyone in the car to get 4-year-old. Drive around for a little until Toddler falls asleep for afternoon nap. Then park by the school.

2:30pm – Feed the Newborn in the car

2:45pm – Pick up 4-year-old from school

3:00pm – Snack time for Toddler and 4-year-old. Newborn goes down for a nap.

4:00pm – Make dinner and clean while kids play/Watch TV

5:30pm – Dinner

6:15pm – Give newborn a bath put baby to sleep while big kids play/watch TV

7:00pm – Toddler and 4-year-old bath and bed time routine.

7:30pm – All kids are asleep & Mom cleans up/does chores

6-9 month old, Toddler, and 5-year-old (school age child)

6:00am –5-year-old, get ready for school, and eat breakfast

6:15am – Wake up Toddler and Baby and eat breakfast

6:40am – Load two young kids into the stroller and have them finish breakfast on the way to the bus stop.

6:55am – Bus picks up 5-year-old for school

7:15am – Get back home, finish up breakfast, clean up

8:30am – Baby’s first nap

9:30am – Gym with the kids

11:00am – Lunch

11:30am – Naptime

2:00pm – Snack

2:30pm – Go to the bus stop to wait for Brother

3:00pm – After School Snack (the small kids will normally mooch for snacks too)

3:30pm – Homework/Chill until practice

4:30pm – Leave for extracurricular activity (Pack dinner for the baby to eat at practice)

6:00pm - Cook dinner

6:30pm – Kids eat dinner while Mom gives Baby a bath and does bed time routine

7:00pm – Toddler and 5-year-old bedtime routine

One year old, PreSchooler, 1st Grader

6:30am – Wake up and get ALL the kids ready

7:00am – Breakfast (normally the kids take too long and end up taking breakfast into the car)

7:30am – Kids drop off: Drop off PreSchooler first then 1st Grader

8:15am – Parking lot snack for the one-year-old in the Gym parking lot. I workout while the one-year-old plays in the kids corner.

10:00am – Go home. It's naptime for the one-year-old.

12:30pm – Put one-year-old in the car and pick up PreSchooler.

12:45pm – Put PreSchooler down for a nap then feed the one-year-old lunch.

2:15pm – Wake up Preschooler from nap, load all the children in the car and pick up 1st Grader from school.

2:30pm – Feed everyone a snack/Do homework

3:00pm – One-year-old takes a short afternoon nap

4:00pm – Extracurricular activities (the two big kids are signed up for something every season, all the kids normally come to whatever activity is scheduled)

5:30pm – Cook and eat dinner

6:30pm – Bath Time and Bedtime routine for One-Year-Old while big kids play

7:00pm - PreSchool and 1st Grade Bath and Bed Time Routine

The one-year-old normally knocks out right at 7PM while it takes a little longer for the big kids to fall asleep. I leave the room by about 7:30-7:45 to clean up downstairs and I come back upstairs about 30 mins later and they’re both asleep!

It took a loooong time to get a good routine established. It was a lot of trial and error, frustration, and finding out what works for you.

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