look back at it: august

Why, HELLO September! I have been neglecting my poor site because my life has been *in.sane.* If we’ve been friends for a while, you’ll see that.🤦🏻‍♀️ Anywho, if we’re NOT friends… then what are you waiting for!? Be my friend.

Lots of stuff... lots of change happened in August. We started school, started new jobs, left jobs, said See Ya Soon to Daddy, and found a new routine. Lemme tell ya'll, the transition was ROUGH. woof.

At the beginning of the month, I saw the Backstreet Boys in concert with a childhood friend. It was awesome. They were old, you could tell. But they can still sing! The concert was SO GOOD! Thank the lawd for young backup dancers, lights, TV screens, and lasers! Those poor guys are in their mid-forties and still performing and dancing? No Thanks. I'm tired by 8:45pm. However! The music brought back a lot of memories that made my teeny bopper heart smile. We ended up meeting Brian Littrell!

we saw the backstreet boys in concert // sunnyinjune.com august recap, backstreet boys residency
we saw the backstreet boys in concert // sunnyinjune.com august recap, backstreet boys residency

Now that school was in session and Jay was leaving, I had to stop boxing. Sad Day. I love the sport, I love the technique, but there was no childcare available. 😭 So when I left the heavy bag behind a little piece of my heart left too. The kids were excited and nervous about school! There were tears the first few days.

first day of school! // sunnyinjune.com august recap
first day of school! // sunnyinjune.com august recap

Isaac turned three this month! Sweet boy.😍 We celebrated with lots of swimming, lots of food, and lots of presents. Hopefully I speak for the majority of parents when I say that I was SO invested in my first child’s bday! For my second son’s bday, we were texting people on Monday to come to Isaac’s Saturday bday. We went to the store on Tuesday to pick up stuff and his godmother put in an order for the cake on Friday morning. I was putting together party favors THE DAY OF! 😬 #middlechildproblems haha! He said he wanted to save some Rhinos... so we did!

party favor idea -- instead of making bags of toys, donate to a cause you kid is passionate about! // sunnyinjune.com august recap

Here is what the party favors looked like! We sort of had a PJ Mask theme.. and by that I mean, we had a PJ Mask Pinata and some PJ Mask decorations. I WOULD post pictures of the party and decorations but I literally took like three pictures and chased children the rest of the time.

PJ Mask Piñata for a 3 year old birthday party // sunnyinjune.com august recap

We took an impromptu trip to California to use up our last day of our 4 Day Pass at Disneyland. You’d be surprised how much you can get done in 34 hours with three kids!

Now that we’re in Vegas for a while, I think I’m going to start studying again for my certification to teach middle school math. With that extra certification, I could find jobs a little easier!

JAY // is back in DC. He’s taking courses for continuing education for his next rank. He says he’s bored and he doesn’t know what to do with all of his free time. He’s over-buying groceries because he’s not used to buying stuff for just himself. He’s in school for four hours a day and then does homework for the rest of the day. Ew. The kids and I miss him a lot and we definitely going through the Murphy’s Law of Deployment even though he’s not deployed. Murphy’s Law of Deployment states that anything that could go wrong… will. He graduates in December!

THE KIDS // LOOOOTS of changes going on with the kids and honestly, they are having a hard time adjusting. Poor babies. I can’t help for feel guilty for it… I know its not my fault and I am doing the best I can to provide stability for the kiddos but OMG its so hard!

Caleb started First Grade at his new school! He is super happy here with his friends. He’s finding a lot of people that “look like him” and he doesn’t get ignorant remarks regarding his appearance. He’s excelling at school and is reading a little bit above his grade level! He likes adding but is having issues with “take away”. He thinks Science is like, the best thing EVER! Buuuuuut… his teacher is saying he has focus issues. He’s completing his work, he’s making friends, he’s staying on task (for the most part). We had a short conversation of possible ADD/ADHD laaawwwwwwddddhavemercy. I don't know he for real has it or if he's just being a kid. There is a doctors appointment set. This month, he also started Tae Kwon Do at a family friend’s dojo. We know her through dance. Caleb thinks she’s a for real ninja. He already has stripes on his belt!

Isaac started regular preschool. This is the most time he’s spent away from home and HE LOVES IT! (Sidenote: I love it too) Having him around other kids for long periods of time and listening to an adult that is not a family member has been blowing his mind. Like, “why can’t I lick my friends?” and “why can’t we kiss our teachers?” LOL!

He’s also OFFICIALLY potty trained. Thank goodness! When we got here in June he was still in diapers 100%. We kind of tried potty training but he was *SO STUBBORN* about it. So we let him take the reigns. He potty trained himself sometime in early July, had a few accidents here and there, but now I’m happy to say he’s DONE with diapers. I wish I knew the secret, but summer was the secret! He was in a bathing suit and in a pool 90% of summer. If he had to go to the bathroom, he just got out, went, and then jumped back in the pool. 🤣😅 Mental note: I gotta potty train Lucas in the summer!

Lucas is finally walking! Thankgoodness! I was getting a little worried. He wasn't really walking or talking and he was about 15 months (his brothers walked at 13 months). Basically he just screams and his two older brothers get whatever he’s pointing to. He would cruise around furniture at one-year-old but had no interest in actually walking. I know each kid is different but when your first two met milestones around the same time, you can’t help but compare! He started talking a little, he says stuff like this, bird, ball, shoe, and papa. He can ask for a few things using sign language but he mostly just screams.


PLANNING // My time wisely. I’ve been neglecting the blog even though I have a *bunch* of ideas floating around for content that I think you would like! But school, extra curicculars, solo parenting, and lifer truly kicking my butt hard.

TRAVELING TO // We’re planning another California road trip since its like, right there. I have a post of solo family road trip tips coming up!

LISTENING TO // The Creepy Podcast. It’s SO GOOD. I listen to it at the gym while I’m suffering through cardio. It really helps make it go by faster!

READING // The Unremembered Girl. I’m reading creepy stories in preparation for Halloween! I breezed through Crazy, Rich, Asians before I watched the movie and it was SO GOOD!

HOPING FOR // really good sales for fall clothes. We only brought warm weather stuff because we thought we would be in Vegas for a month before we moved to Singapore. It’s cold in the desert in September so guess who has to buy warm weather clothes for the ENTIRE family? 😢😩

OBSESSED WITH // hair products. LOL! So back in May I started my “natural hair journey”. I have naturally wavy hair but I have been forcing it straight or into beachy waves with a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron. My postpartum hair resembled Smegol from Lord of the Rings and all that heat didn’t help. We were moving to a place where my hair would succumb to the humidity so why not embrace my inner lioness and learn to love my wild waves?

WATCHING // Handmaids Tale. That shiz is craaaay. The book was really good and I have high hopes for the series. I’m also going to watch the movie Searching with John Cho (Harold from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle)

THINKING ABOUT // My Middle School Math Certification. I haven’t done school stuff in like a year so I’m a little rusty. I think I’m going to buy some test prep stuff and give myself 2.5 months to study for this test.

ANNOYED WITH // My sleep schedule. I weaned myself off coffee because I was getting too anxious. I had to start drinking it again to get through the day and now I don't go to bed until like 3:30AM and I have to get kids ready at 6:30AM.

GRATEFUL FOR // My three kids and I are totally freeloading and staying at their dope ass house, using their pool, and using their car. We help out, of course! I buy groceries and clean while dad is at work! My parents and inlaws.


I’m planning on taking the boys around Vegas to help them fall in love with the city even more, so keep your eyes out for some fun family posts!

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