sometimes you get KTFO

You know the saying “roll with the punches”? It’s a boxing term… someone punches and you need to roll your body out of the way so you don’t get hit. You anticipate the next move and adjust accordingly. Anyway, it’s a term that military families use all the time “ah, my spouse’s job changed on us AGAIN! Yep! We gotta roll with the punches!” 🥊

Well, sometimes you just get punched in the face. No matter how much planning, adjusting, and anticipating… you get KTFO and you lie there cuz…

  1. You don’t wanna get hit again

  2. You’re tired

  3. You don’t care if you lose the fight cuz you gettin’ paid anywayyyyyy

I’m happily floating between 2 and 3 right now.

So0oOo0o… we’re in Vegas until December/January. By WE I mean the kids and I. Jay goes back to DC for school next week. He’s going to be taking some continuing education classes for his next promotion.

Yep, you guessed it! Singapore has not approved our paperwork yet.

If you don’t know our story, catch up here and here.

In June, we moved out of our little Alexandria apartment because we were expected to move to Singapore. We planned on taking a month to stay in Las Vegas (where the majority of our family and friends are) and then fly to Singapore from LV.

We found out a few weeks ago that our paperwork hasn’t been approved yet, so Jay had to find “gainful employment” until he got his paperwork approved. Gainful employment means that since he’s employed by the Army he has to show up for work somewhere and be accounted for, so he’s temporarily working ROTC from our old college.

A few days ago, he got a call saying that there is a spot for him to go back to DC to get into that “continuing education” course. The higher up’s said “it-is-HIGHLY-RECCOMMENDED-that-you-go-to-this-class-because-you’ve-been-chillin’-for-a-while-and-if-you-keep-attending-your-gainful-employment-job-you-can-ruin-your-career-progression” type thing. So he’s going back while the kids and I hang in Vegas.

Why did we even move out of our DC apartment? We thought we were going to go to Singapore!

Why is it taking so long? I don’t know. I think that if we were slated to go to Singapore in the first place then we would’ve gotten country approval a long time ago. Since we found out late last spring that our FIRST country (Vietnam) didn’t get approved and our paperwork was processed around the time that the Singapore gov’t had to plan for Trump and Kim Jong's North Korean Summit in Singapore. I think everything just kept piling up since that summit was high priority.

When does Jay’s Singapore Master’s class begin? July 2019.

Why did you you want to move out there so early if his school doesn’t start until much later? The point of the Olmsted Program was to immerse in a culture. Even though we were going to be living in Singapore, most of our travel was going to be done in Vietnam since that was the language that Jay is fluent in. The kids were going to attend school, I was going to work at the kid’s school, and whenever there would be breaks in the school calendar we’d go to Vietnam and/or ALL OVER southeast asia! There are other Master’s programs but since we found out so late that we would be moving there a lot of the programs already closed admissions.

How do you feel about it? Jay’s excited about school because he feels like he has a purpose. I’m just like, whatever. I’m really anxious to go to our country but I’m happy to be home for a long time since this is the longest time we’ve ever spent with our family and friends. It’s really discouraging still being in the States while everyone in the Olmsted Program except you (and I think, one other family?) are in their respective countries learning their respective languages. I can’t help but feel like we’re disappointing the Olmsted Foundation.

So where are you living? I’m living with my parents! I totally moved in my family of five into their house. The kids bother my parents every single day. I’m TOTALLY freeloading. But I help out by cleaning, cooking, and buying some groceries.

Are you still living in Singapore for two years even thought you'll be going later? No. The Olmsted is only a three-year program. The first year was language training either in DC, Cali, or your country. Our first year was spent in DC. Our second and third years are spent in country and traveling around the region. Since Jay is doing his course and the kids and I are in Vegas, we’ll be there for a little more than a year.

Are you still going to be traveling? YES! But it'll mostly be me solo with the kids and meeting up with family somewhere on the West Coast.

Mmkay. That’s enough of that drama. Any other questions feel free to email me! I’ll probably respond in 7-10 business days cuz my life is a damn mess right now! Hah jk, I’ll respond when my kids are asleep or when I give them the excuse of "I have to go to the bathroom"!

The kids started their first day of school! Yay! Caleb is in 1st and Isaac is in PreSchool. They’re both socializing with people other than their brothers and I LOVE IT! They love it too! They were SO NERVOUS the first few days of school because it’s new and they were worried about friends and teachers. Now that they’ve been in school for four days they’re getting used to it. It’s a bummer that they’re only at these schools for a few months before having to switch to a completely new school in a new country and what not😢. (PS – if you haven’t, go to my blog post about a back to school capsule wardrobe! Perfect outfit inspo for the warm weather and the transition into the colder months!)

Isaac turns THREE NEXT WEEK! Lucas (finally!) started walking! And Caleb started the first phase of ninja training (we signed him up for Tae Kwon Do). I’m in my happy place (I found a boxing gym!). Jay has a purpose. The family is doing REALLY well! Yes, it’s irritating that our paperwork hasn’t been approved yet.

The beauty of getting knocked down is that you have a choice.

You can…

  1. Lie there and lose.

  2. Get up and complain to your coach that this sucks.

  3. Get up, wipe the dizzy from your eyes, and give your opponent a bloody smile cuz you’re kicking their ass. ☺️

I’m happily floating between 2 and 3 right now.


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