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In our house, our clothes are separated into three categories:

1. House Clothes (aka pambahay(v.) pam-BA-hi): clothes that you REALLY don’t want society to see you in. They are usually made up of old oversized TShirts and sweatpants/bball shorts with embarrassing slogans, holes, or stains that WILL NOT WASH OFF NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY. You can also wear these clothes to sleep! In which case they would be called pantulog (pun-TWO-lug). There is no such thing as cute loungewear in this house.

2.Church/Work Clothes: clothes that you only wear if you’re going somewhere where you give off the impression that your house is clean, you get 8 hours of sleep, your credit score is amazing, your children are angels, and you don’t floor it when the light turns yellow. BUT NOT actual formal wear.

3. Out Clothes: A happy medium between “house clothes” and “church/work clothes”. Clothes that you wear to the mall, to lunch with friends, to a family party, or to school. They are okay to get dirty but it makes Mom really frustrated.

Most of the time our family is in pambahay (house clothes). I haaaate spending tons of money on “out clothes” because when we’re out... the kids get messy, they spill stuff, they eat like Cookie Monster, they fall and get dirty, etc. Buuuuut on the other hand, I don’t want them to go out in their house clothes because I don’t want CPS called on me for looking like I neglect my kids. 😬🤷🏻‍♀️

So I started this thing a few years ago where I give each kid (with the exception of the baby, cuz he’s in onesies anyway) a capsule wardrobe for the season. I make sure to take the kid we’re building this capsule wardrobe for along shopping so they can have a choice in what they wearing.

Its made up of 15 pieces of clothing and two pairs of shoes.


2 pairs of shoes - a casual shoe & an athletic shoe

3 Layering Pieces:

- a zip up hoodie

- a chambray button up

- a button up

6 graphic tees: There are certain criteria that must be met when picking shirts for kids -- Full print tees (like the black all over shark shirt) are amazing, heathered shirts are a must because they’re soft and forgiving if they get stained, OR an ALL WHITE TEE. Now, bear with me here – I know you're like “Justine, kids are so dirty? Why do you mostly have white tees for your kids?” its because I wash the white tees with detergent, vinegar, baking soda, and if needed – bleach! The white doesn’t get dingy and (unless the kids are eating pizza or spaghetti) all the stains lift! Sometimes if a stain is REALLY stubborn, I put it in the sun to bleach it (my mom taught me that trick!)

6 bottoms. I suggest 2 pairs of pants (jeans and chinos), 2 comfy shorts (for PE days), and 2 pairs of chino shorts. But since it’s hot all the way until November in Las Vegas, we opted for:

- 3 pairs of chino shorts (left side)

- 3 pairs of comfy shorts. (right side)

I love cut offs for comfy shorts instead of basketball shorts because you can still dress them up. Also, apparently my 6 year old really has a thing for gray comfy shorts. 🤦🏻‍♀️

We made sure to pick out clothes within the same color scheme (the most colorful thing on in this capsule wardrobe is the shorts and the blue mario shirt) so mixing and matching the different tops and bottoms won't be a big problem. I only put TEN DAYS worth of outfits together for this post. We also throw in his regular "out clothes" (the ones we didn't specifically buy for school) into the outfit rotation so the combinations are ENDLESS!!!

cheers to a great school year, friends!

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