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Sup guys? Its your driver here on the Hot Mess Express. I had this blog post drafted TWO WEEKS AGO and didn’t publish it because my life has been NUTS these past few weeks (Long story. But in a nutshell, read about it here and here and lets be friends on IG, yeah!? 😁)

We went on a kid-less vacation with some friends to surprise our other friend for her birthday. This trip was good for the soul. It was relaxing. We didn’t have to worry about naptime schedules, diaper changes, bed time routines or ANYTHING. But I felt like I kept forgetting something and that something was missing, so four days away from the kids was perfect because I missed them.

We stayed at this BEAUTIFUL resort called Unico 20 87. We never left the resort because we wanted to RELAX, catch up with each other, and not jam pack every minute of our day with excursions and sightseeing.

We were gone for four days and three nights. Here is what I packed:

QUICK TRAVEL TIP: like a russian nesting doll, I packed the elephant bag into the blue make up bag. I put the blue make up bag and the clear bag containing the silicone bottles in the pink toiletry bag. When we were going through security, instead of fumbling with three bags of liquids -- I just threw the pink toiletry bag onto the conveyor belt.

Make Up Bag:

- Tinted Moisturizer

- Eyebrow Powder & Spoolie

- Eyeliner

- Mascara & Eyelash Curler

- Blush & Blush Brush


- Toothbrush

- Travel size Toothpaste

- Travel size Rose Hip Oil

- Travel Size Moisturizer

- Travel size face wash

- Eye Cream

- Lip balm

- Deodorant

- Two hair ties & a Large clip

- Travel Size Sunscreen

- One Paper Face Mask

- Under Eye Masks

In silicone travel bottles, I packed:

- Hair Gel

- Body Lotion

- Body Wash

- Shampoo

- Conditioner

*sidenote: i HAAATE the shampoo/conditioner/bodywash that hotels provide... BUT THE BEAUTY ACCOMMODATIONS AT UNICO WERE SALON QUALITY STUFF THAT I DIDN'T EVEN USE MY STUFF!

I packed six outfits - four vacation outfits and two travel outfits:

Chambray Strapless Dress // so old, I forgot where it was from LOL sorry! ; Shoes // Dolce Vita Multicolor Slides

Chambray Off the Shoulder Dress (super wrinkly here, I did a poor roll job haha!) // JCREW Factory ; Shoes // Dolce Vita Multi Color Slides

Off the Shoulder Striped Top // Banana Republic Factory ; Denim Shorts // Levi's ; // Sandals // Birkenstock

Navy Blue Camisole Top // Banana Republic Factory ; Denim Shorts // Levi's ; // Shoes // Dolce Vita Multi Color Slides

I knew I would be in a bathing suit most of the time so I didn't stress about outfits too much:

- One pair of shorts

- Two Tank Tops

- Two Dresses

- Three pairs of shoes

- Three bathing suits

- Proper Undergarments (pack accordingly so you don't have to bring 293847 different bras)

- Two pairs of pajamas

I rolled it all into my hardtop roller carryon (I have a different suitcase, but this is MUCH cheaper and the same quality!) with lots of room to spare!

We’re already planning a 2nd trip back to the same resort because we loved it so much!

A few things about where we stayed:

1. The spa was HEAVENLY the treatments were euphoric (as they should be!) but the hydrotherapy spa was LEGIT. A hydrotherapy spa is a series of 7 hot and cold treatments (sauna, cold shower, steam room, etc etc). Its super relaxing and invigorating and IT COMES WITH A CONCIERGE TO TELL YOU WHEN YOUR TIME IS UP. Whaaat! 😱

2. The grounds of the resort were gorgeous. The decoration is a neutral DREAM. Basically take everything you love on HGTV... put it on a beach in Mexico... add some wild iguanas and call it Unico 20 87.

our adorable friend that hung out with us by the pool 😍

3. Wanna know how some Norse gods and Vikings are feasting in Valhalla? Well they’re not in Valhalla. They’re actually in Mexico. Specifically, at the resort we stayed at. The food and the drinks there were some of the best I’ve ever had and I’m from Vegas! My standards are INCREDIBLY high. We ate at all four restaurants on property, had room service, and had poolside dining and ALL. of. it. was DELICIOUS. Here is some of the food we ate:

fig & prosciutto salad with garlic soup from the steakhouse on property

delicious steak from the Italian restaurant on property

pear and arugula salad

poolside eats: catch of the day -- YUM!

poolside eats: shrimp nachos

pool side eats: tacos

4. The customer service and guest service is the best. Comparable to -- IF NOT BETTER -- than Vegas luxury resort standards. Housekeeping comes twice a day: first, to clean your room during the day and a second time later in the day TO UNTUCK YOUR BED, GIVE YOU A BOTTLE OF WINE, AND GIVE YOU CHOCOLATE OKAY!?😱😱😱 The poolside servers always kept our drinks full and gave us extra bottles of water to drink since we were day drinking in the hot sun. They will also come and fill up your private outdoor bathtub for you if you request it!

5. It was FUN. You figure sitting at a pool and drinking all day could get pretty monotonous right? But there was always something planned – pool volleyball, basketball, extra large beer pong (played with trashcans!), and hat decorating, to name a few. There were fitness classes. There were beach activities. There were kayaks for rent. There were snorkels for rent. Everything was there. 😍

Basically, Unico spoiled us.

Thankgoodness I packed an extra outfit because our flight from Cancun ended getting cancelled and we were stranded at the airport. The airline put us in a hotel for the night and we ended up going back home the next evening. It was an exhausting day of travel.

If you haven't, you need to call your friends up and plan a kid-free trip on a long weekend. It doesn't need to be anywhere far. It can even be a staycation where you live! I think every parent needs some good, quality, kid-free, time with friends and loved ones!

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