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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

In this post I'm sharing some family photo inspo for the spring/summer and some tips on picking out outfits... getting haircuts... and styling the clothes you already have!

I know what you’re thinking… who the heck is this girl?! Is she creating this post to shamelessly share her family pictures? Yup! You’re right, I am 😅🤷🏻‍♀️. I’m bias and I think my kids are adorable😍 and I loved the way these pics turned out– so sue me, okay?!

But I also wanted to help you get some creative juices flowing when you start planning your family pictures especially when it comes to outfits and photoshoot locations.

We got our pictures done by our family friends/fellow food adventurers/babysitters in a pinch/younger versions of ourselves – Marla and Dustin of Marla Bondoc Photography.

<sidenote> if you live in the DC area and need someone to take photos of your wedding/family/engagement… you need to use Marla. She is THE BEST and I’m not just saying that because she’s a family friend. She takes your vision and makes it come to life! Whenever I receive my gallery, I can’t help my shriek (yes, shriek.) because she totally captures the emotion and personality of every one in my family.♥️</sidenote>

We were in a neighborhood in Washington DC called Adams Morgan. It’s flamboyant, fun, and full of life and lots of beautiful murals. We spent most of our time by a white brick wall (cuz you can never go wrong with those!), the prettiest mural ever, and a park.

Outfits // We were transitioning for an international move (we WERE gonna move to Vietnam, but now we’re moving to Singapore). Since most of our stuff was packed and we really didn’t have the budget for completely new outfits we just worked with what we had. Did you know you have to have $30,000 USD upfront in cash to move to Singapore?! 💸💸🤢 Since we didn't scout the area beforehand, we figured you couldn't go wrong with neutrals with pops of pinks and greens.

Few things to note:

- We schedule family pictures WEEKS in advance.

- We plan outfits a few days before our shoot day.

- We normally have no idea where we're shooting and we just show up where the photographer tells us to meet.

- We get the boys haircuts TWO DAYS before the shoot... that way it's still fresh and/or there's time to fix it if something gets messed up.

- THREE ARTICLES (if possible) -- I used to work at JCrew and the rule was if you wear bottoms and a knit to work, you need another layer (whether it be a scarf, a button up, a sweater, or a blazer)

- cuff something. Another JCrew hack - the pants and/or shirts are alwaaaayyys cuffed. always. something must be cuffed. whether it be the sleeves of a shirt, the hem of your bottoms, or better yet... both. cuff it!

three articles of clothing - chino shorts, tank top, chambray button up, and cuffed shorts. boom.

We pick outfits like this:

1. Are we going to be dressed up or casual?

2. What's our base color? What will be the complementary colors? Are we going to have a pop of color? What will it be?

3. Does everyone have shoes that go with said outfit?

This was our first time taking family pictures while the weather was warm. We normally stick to blues and grays so the white, green, and pops of pink and blue was a welcome change!

Baby: We didn’t want EVERYONE to be wearing white, gray, blue, pink, and green. AAAND lets be honest – I couldn’t find anything in his drawers that matched the color scheme we were looking for 😅. So he complimented everyone in a light gray hooded onesie with brown socks! We use an OLD (we’re talking like, four years old) onesie from Carters!

Toddler: We used hand-me-downs again on the middle dude! We got everything about three years ago from h&m, carters, or Osh Kosh. Since it was warm, we made sure to use heathered and linen fabrics. Our kids pretty much have only two pairs of shoes – every day sneakers and “nice sneakers” for like church. You can never go wrong with Vans, Nikes, Adidas, or Pumas for “nice sneakers”. This is what we ask for when he gets his hair cut.

Kids: This was the only outfit that we bought “this season” – I bought it when there was a ton of seasonal sales this past winter. The olive green shorts, chambray shirt, and tanktop were from OshKosh. The pocket on this tank matched my middle son’s pink shirt. We opted for a tanktop since the chambray shirt was a bit heavy and it was HOT AF outside. 😲This is what we ask for when we get his haircut (except we combed his faux hawk over for this shoot)

Husband: The hubs was super easy because he had everything in his closet! The light jeans (Levis), olive shirt (Buck Mason), gray linen shirt (h&m), and vans is a timeless combo! At least I think it’s a timeless combo. I hope in 70 years we’ll be wearing spacesuits and cringing at our jeans and tshirts LOL 😂

Me: SOooO0oo0ooo… since all of our stuff was packed, I actually had to buy an outfit. 😅Luckily I only bought one thing because these huarache sandals (from Target!) were at the top of the packing box and I had to work with what I had that was within reach (I’m too lazy to be digging through all these boxes that I JUST packed) I bought the dress for $20 off Amazon and I got it the next day. Yeayuh. 🙌🏼

PS - it has pockeeeeets!

We bribed our kids with ice cream and cookies, begged, and tickled them to get them to smile.

Made fart noises to make them laugh.

Marla and Dustin make sure to get a few pictures of the parents too. Ugh, they’re such a good team. 😍Marla snaps the pics while Dustin keeps the kids busy while she snaps pics of the parents.

The Dream Team - Marla and Dustin

Posed pictures are cute and all, but I prefer the “bloopers” and real shots that really capture the dynamic of your family. Those are my favorite.


"hey i'm lucas and I'm super happy to be on moms shoulders and poking her eyeballs out!"

ninjas are a big deal in this family.

just my husband and I getting choked out by our six year old, it's cool.

"everybody smile!"

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