Trend To Try + A MUST SEE DC exhibit

Whoa. Its been a LONG TIME since some kids fashion inspo hit the blog. Most of you follow me on Instagram (if you’re not, what are you waiting for!?) and you see what my kids wear there – jeans, sneakers, a graphic tee, and a fitted… always always always. Its their uniform. They pick out their clothes themselves. But you know, since they’re constantly cycling through the same clothes that means OTHER clothes don’t get love and they get forgotten to the back of the drawers. So sometimes mama has to pick out some outfits.

I’ve been seeing this denim on denim trend and I really wanted to try it but I was a little iffy about it. Number One because I don’t want to channel Britney and Justin circa 2001. Aaaaand there is no number two reason... 😅

Ninja Turtle Fitted: Unknown // DinoMite Graphic Tee: OshKoshBGosh // Denim Jacket: Children's Place // Jeans: Old Navy // Shoes: Vans Checkerboard Slip Ons (Vans kids sizes run big, so size DOWN)

Anywho, these outfits actually turned out cute! I tried it with both light denim and dark denim. We wore these outfits out and about hanging around the DC area.

Beanie: Neff (borrowed from Dad) // Sup Dude Shirt: Osh Kosh BGosh // Chambray Shirt: h&m // Jeans: Gap Kids // Shoes: Vans Sk8 His (again, size down!)

The key to this to get out of your head and to actually try it on your little dude! It WONT look like a bad 90s outfit! Try it with light denim, dark denim, a mix of both, with a light tee underneath, or a dark tee.

The other day, we took the kids to this place called the ARTECHOUSE. It’s a cool interactive art museum. We went when the Cherry Blossom exhibit was up – Cherry Blossom Dream Sakrua Yume. They change their exhibits every few months, whether you’re a kid or an adult, you’re gonna be pretty amazed.

Think of Iron Man/Tony Stark meets Art and that’s Artechouse. There are four “big” exhibits and a small one at the bottom of the stairs. You use your hands to “control” the art.

There is a main gallery and three smaller (but equally as cool!) galleries. In the main gallery, there are beanbag chairs that you can sit in if you want to enjoy the ambient music and the art floating around the wall.

There is a hallway with blinking lanterns on top and a “brick road” with a spot light that follows you.

There is a gallery in the back with two interactive tables. Think iPhone game Fruit Ninja (forgive me for all my references LOL) but instead of fruit getting sliced, its art/colors/flowers escaping from your hands!

They have their own app which takes your experience even further with augmented reality through your phone.

why do my kids pose like they're gonna drop a sick album?

The only "bummer" is that you CANNOT bring strollers because the space is rather small compared to all the other museums here in DC. But this place is so breathtaking that you wouldn't even want to push a stroller around!

If you’re ever in DC (with kids or without) check out Artechouse. They have a student and military discount. They also have a bar, a designated “adults only” time from 5:30pm until close, and they host super cool events like interactive food experiences – perfect for a date night!

Visit for more info, upcoming events, tickets, and upcoming exhibits.

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