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Sample Eating Schedule and Menu for Intermittent Fasting

My weightloss as picked up some traction among my friends and I’ve had a lot of questions emailed/DMed/texted to me about intermittent fasting. So here it is!

BUT FIRST a full disclosure, obv! I am NOT a licensed trainer, nutritionist, or physician. I just like to google a lot of health stuff. I think that my weightloss and new found energy has has mostly attributed to my stress management. I stay at home with the kids and my gym has a kids care option.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting [source] is eating within a certain window of the day. There are a bunch of benefits like normalizing insulin levels, detoxification, and anti-aging [source]. As a female, I eat within a 10-hour window while Jay eats within an 8-hour window. I eat longer because I don’t want to put my body into starvation mode and throw off my hormones. If I ate in that 8-hour window, then that puts my body into “mama bear mode” and it will hold onto any fat and increase production of hormones to protect a potential fetus [source].

Why I love intermittent fasting:

I love intermittent fasting because I really love food. Filipinos have this relationship with food – if youre sad, you eat.. if you’re happy, you eat… if you just ate, you eat. Its my culture, it’s my love language, and its also how I learn and teach my kids about other cultures. I have some new found energy, my digestion is much better (I don’t get bloated as much, my belly aches aren’t as frequent, and I am much more regular!) For me, this seems like the best lifestyle change instead of dieting, always eating clean, or being religious about the gym.

Intermittent fasting is also super flexible for your social schedule. Did you ever notice that once you went on a diet, it’s like your friends went away? Because friends (at least my friends) are always like “wanna grab lunch?” “I’m bored, wanna eat?” “lets grab drinks after work!”, etc etc…Anyway! You can still have a social life and still fast. You might just have to wait a little later in the day to have your first meal or stop eating a little later so you have start eating earlier the next day. If I have a dinner date with a friend late at at night, then I can just wake up the next day and eat later. OR if I want to go to breakfast with my parents, I can still go with them, eat whatever I want, but I need to make sure that I stop eating within my window.

Here is a sample of my day, bur first! Here are a few notes…

  • I do NOT take any supplements other than vitamins. I take a daily probiotic, multivitamin, Vitamin C, and some Biotin Gummies.

  • I do NOT count calories on apps. (like, how do you track longanissa and garlic rice? LOL)

  • On the weekends, I don’t really follow meal portions or eating “clean”. But I do eat within that 10-hour window.

  • My eating schedule might be different from yours – do whatever works for you. I, personally, like to enjoy snacks on the couch after my kids go to sleep.

  • If there are cookies or chips in front of my face, I eat them. As long as it’s within my eating window. If I do eat junk, then I really try to eat the serving size… but sometimes that just doesn’t happen!

  • I’m very inconsistent with the gym. Sometimes I go to the gym 6 days a week, sometimes I go only a few times a week, sometimes I go H.A.M. and lift a bunch of heavy weight, sometimes I do yoga at home, sometimes I go to the gym and I sit on my phone while I half-ass pedal on a recumbent bike.

7:00AM - Wake Up

  • 2 cups of tea or 1 cup of coffee/1 cup of tea

I usually keep busy in the morning – running errands, cleaning, dropping off a kid off at school, doing blog stuff, etc – so I keep busy so my mind isn’t on food.

11:00AM – “Breakfast”

Spinach Omelet & Turkey Bacon

  • egg whites from the carton (I double the serving size on the container… cuz I’m HONGRY)

  • handful of spinach

  • pinch of cheese

  • 3 turkey bacons

sample menu and sample eating schedule for intermittent fasting //

another “go-to” is oatmeal!

sample menu and sample eating schedule for intermittent fasting //

There are both sweet and savory options. Sometimes I eat savory oatmeal for dinner cuz its freaking delish. But in the morning I like to go with sweet oatmeal because its quicker.

  • ½ cup old fashion dry oats & splash of water to get oats wet

  • microwave for 2 mins

  • add chia seeds

  • a tablespoon of nut butter (I like almond or peanut butter)

  • add few splashes of almond milk to make it creamy and mix it up

  • handful of blueberries

  • 8 cut up strawberries

1:00PM –Snack

I pick one or two of these to eat:

  • piece of fruit

  • avocado with salt on it

  • handful of almonds

3:00PM – Another Snack

  • 2 toast with peanut butter and banana

  • or peanut butter and strawberries

  • OR tuna salad (made with greek yogurt, dill seeds, and mustard) on cucumbers (sometimes on bread)

sample menu and sample eating schedule for intermittent fasting //

sample menu and sample eating schedule for intermittent fasting //

Gym from 4:30 - 5:30/6

6:15PM – “Lunch”

meal prepped meal portioned out mixed veggies, fish, and carb (usually rice cuz... #asian)

sample menu and sample eating schedule for intermittent fasting //

7:30PM – Dinner (I pretty much have two dinners)

meal prepped meal with portioned out protein fish, and carb.


Bag of kettle corn & a beer

I eat really big in the morning, snack all day, then I eat really big in the evening.


You can drink zero calorie drinks like black coffee, tea, and water while you’re fasting.

Drink LOTSSSSS of water throughout the day.

Wait at least one hour before eating again

Portion everything out - I try and follow the hand rule

Intermittent fasting isn’t for every one. I love it because of the freedom I have to still eat whatever I want, I have all this energy that’s NOT from coffee, and it fits with our lifestyle!

Any questions? Drop a comment! OR! I’d love to know some tips that work for you if you’re intermittent fasting/on a weight loss journey/managing stress!

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