Vietnam? just kidding!

olmsted scholar family traveling to southeast asia

Hey friends! Long time no talk, right? Yeah well it’s been a WEEK at the Casa De Jesus... lemme tell you! If you're new around here, I started this blog two years ago. I started this to keep in touch with friends and fam all over the world, to share life hacks and what not to keep me sane while raising three boys, to share our family friendly travels. So you know how last year we got news that the entire family will be moving to Vietnam? You know how we spent the last year preparing for that big move? You know how our move from Kentucky to the DC area was a total mess? You know how Jay has spent the last 10 months attending language immersion school learning Vietnamese and is totally fluent in the language? WELP. WERE NOT GOING TO VIETNAM ANYMORE. 😅that’s right. You read that right. We ain’t goin.If you follow me on Instagram, you'll watch on my stories that we ran into a few hurdles with this move but I never would've thought that we couldn't go. We like to think of it as a blessing in disguise. Yeah it’s annoying that we had language training, the kids schools picked out, an area we wanted to live in, the culture researched, everything all prepared, and we were SO EXCITED to move only to find out we couldn’t. You know, it could be worse right?? What if we decided to go on our own accord without the support we needed and something tragic or scary happened? So I'm kind of glad we're not going. Now I’m sure you have a lot of questions. But hopefully I’ll have them answered for you: So where are you going? We’re still going to be living in Southest Asia. We’re going to be living in Singapore instead! I mean, thank GOD we can still be in Asia. We could be getting all this language training and they could send us to Paris, France LOL.

How long will you be going for? Still two years. We’ll still be leaving the US mid-July. Jay will still go to school but get his graduate degree in something different but he will be learning in English.

How do the boys feel about it? We told them, but we don’t think they understand yet. Caleb is bummed because he likes Vietnamese food.

How do you feel about the short notice transfer? I mean.. it is what it is right? We can’t fight it. The powers that be told us we can’t go. We had all the right things in place, people fought for us to go, but ultimately we couldn’t and that’s okay. While we can’t live in Ho Chi Minh, we can visit a whole bunch of times! I’m like a dog. Give me a safe place to live, yummy food to eat, and pay attention to me a little and I’ll be fine — no matter where I’m at! I do feel really bad for Jay and I’m trying to help make this transition to the new NEW country as easy as possible.

How does Jay feel about it? NOW? He’s happy that he has an answer about where we were living. Last week? He was LIVID. You see, these military dudes need a sense of purpose. His sense of purpose.. his mission.. was to learn Vietnamese. And he did. Mahgod, he did. And he is GOOD. He just feels like he wasted all that time and energy learning this super hard language, researching this culture, and getting us all excited about moving there. If there’s an option for us to learn Mandarin, we’re gonna take it. It will be challenging, but at least Jay will know four different languages and the kids can learn too!

So what next? We need to find Jay a school, Caleb a school, and a place to live. We will NOT be getting our money back from the deposits we made or the visas we purchased. It's a bummer, but we keep telling ourselves "it could be worse... it could be worse...!"

As always, Jay will be prepared with a plan. He'll be prepared with a Plan B, C, D, and E. He'll have backup plans for his back up plans. And the kids and I? Well, we're chill. Give us a bag of chips, some sunshine, and a place to nap and we'll be good! ✊🏼👍🏼

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