look back at it: march

See ya, March. 👋🏼March was really good to us. It was both an incredibly mellow and busy month for us. We’re in the beginning stages of packing right now. It’s crazy, we have our familiarization trip next month, we’re looking for houses, we’re signing the kids up for school and activities, we’re packing up our things and it STILL doesn’t feel real that we’ll be living abroad for two years.

We didn’t travel anywhere for the month of March. We soaked up all the fun stuff the DC area has to offer and spent a lot of time with our friends here.☺️

brunch with some friends // sunnyinjune.com

Jay - Button Up: Brooks Brothers Regent Fit // Pants: JCrew Broken In Chino // Shoes: Authentic Original Sperry Boots.

Justine - Dress: Banana Republic // Belt: JCrew // Flats: Tory Burch

Kids - EVERYTHING from h&m

I went to a super fancy baby shower and tea at the Ritz Carlton. Look at this adorable party favor!

adorable baby shower party favor for a tea party themed baby shower // sunnyinjune.com

We celebrated St. Paddy’s Day at The Sushi Bar LOL🍀We had an omakase dinner (where you don't order anything and the chef creates something for you)

the sushi bar alexandria del ray, va // sunnyinjune.com
the sushi bar alexandria del ray, va // sunnyinjune.com
the sushi bar alexandria del ray, va // sunnyinjune.com
the sushi bar alexandria del ray, va // sunnyinjune.com
the sushi bar alexandria del ray, va // sunnyinjune.com

the sushi bar alexandria del ray, va // sunnyinjune.com
the sushi bar alexandria del ray, va // sunnyinjune.com
the sushi bar alexandria del ray, va // sunnyinjune.com

We also went to the Man of the Woods Tour.

I didn’t take a lot of video or pictures because friends on the West Coast were going and I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone! but OMG it was so good! AND SO FUN!

I DID, however, almost get into a fight with some drunk girl and that was a big highlight of the night too!🍻

We ended the month hanging out in DC with some friends. We went to Story Time at the Library of Congress and walked around the US Botanic Garden. We came back the next day to go to the Kite Festival and to walk around the Hirshhorn Museum. None of us are really culturered enough to understand Modern/Contemporary Art but it was cool to look at and fun to laugh at.

JAY // it is CRUNCH TIME for him right now. Next month he’ll be taking his Vietnamese Proficiency Exam. He needs to score well on this exam for him to be able to take Graduate courses at the University he wants to go to in HCMC. Also, if you read my stress management post here, you’ll see that Jay has been in this 8-week fitness challenge. He’s in Week 5 and has already lost 10 pounds.

a month in review: look back at it - march 2018 // sunnyinjune.com

THE KIDS // The kids were on (kind of) and extended Spring Break this month! High winds and snow means Spring Break came a little early.

a month in review: look back at it - march 2018 // sunnyinjune.com
a month in review: look back at it - march 2018 // sunnyinjune.com

Caleb has been practicing for his Talent Show next month.🎤🎶 He’s pairing some made up choreography with his lyrics. He’s really working hard on this, all on his own accord. We're not pushing him on it at all! We're so proud of him!

Isaac has really developed his personality. Mostly his likes and dislikes. Basically, I’m saying he’s a really strong willed child and pushes his parents and his brother every freaking day.🤦🏻‍♀️ "He’s gonna grow up to be a good leader", that’s what we keep telling ourself.

Lucas CRAWLED! 😱😍 He’s crawling all over the place now. His favorite thing to play with is the volume knob on the sound system and the aux/hdmi cables. No matter HOW MANY PILLOWS we put up in front of the entertainment system or how many times we move him, he’s already trying to get to that spot right next to the TV so he can play with those wires or the knob. Oh, his other favorite thing? The electrical outlets! He’s turning one in May, so if you’re wondering what to get him!🤷🏻‍♀️😅🤪

Lucas was the first kid that Jay’s ever been with from pregnancy through infancy and now in the baby stages. When he first crawled, that was the first time that Jay has ever seen, in-person, one of his kids meet a significant milestone like this. It was super special. Now he gets to deal with other milestones soon! Like, potty training Isaac! ….Yay.


PLANNING // I have this irrational fear of washing my hands and putting my contacts in while my hands are still damp and some gross microbe or bacteria gets in my eye and then I’ll have a gross and infected eye that will have to be removed. This is totally amplified knowing we’ll be moving to Vietnam where the tap water isn’t the best. SO I’m planning and getting refractive surgery to correct my eyes so I don’t have to A. live in fear and B. dig through my eye to get my contact lens.

TRAVELING TO // For the month of April? No where. We made sure to keep the family here from now until we take our month-long leave in Vegas so the kids can hang out with their friends as much as possible. Both the big kids are in soccer and that will take up every single weekend.

LISTENING TO // Caleb read! Caleb has been really taking off with his reading and he loves reading books at home. He loves reading to his brothers. He loves listening to stories. He reads anything and everything. It blows my mind how well he can read at his age.

READING // I’m still reading this freaking book: The Girl with All the Gifts. I still can’t get into it. But I can’t leave a book unfinished. So I'm just going to suffer through it until I'm done.

HOPING FOR // A smooth transition. I’m really nervous about the kids with this transition from living here in DC, to the month-long leave we’re taking in Las Vegas, to moving to Vietnam. I’m super excited for the new adventres we’re going to go on. I’m excited for all the things the kids are going to experience. But, they’ve really established roots with their friends here and they have a hard time saying good bye.😪

OBSESSED WITH // I stumbled upon this sunglasses company called Covry. So since I started wearing glasses at ripe age of 7, I struggled with with the frames resting on my cheeks because I have a super flat Filipino nose. My non-exsistent nose bridge made it difficult for me to find cute frames that didn’t mark up my cheeks. Anywho! I found an entire company (not just a line) that makes ALL their products Asian face friendly.👏🏼👏🏼 Their special nose pads make it so the frames aren’t resting on your cheeks. And its awesome. And I love it.

Covry sunglasses - perfect for an asian nose bridge! // sunnyinjune.com

WATCHING // Master Chef reruns on Hulu. DUDE. These home cooks are LEGIT. Whenever I watch, I get inspired to elevate dinner. Even if it is plating dinosaur chicken nuggets a different way.

THINKING ABOUT // Vietnamese Street Food. Jay and I were watching Vietnamese street food episodes on YouTube. Some of the foods are really……exotic? 😖Like writhing coconut worms, whole deepfried baby quails, dipping sauces with bugs in it, cow penis. All that stuff. I’m pretty open minded and I’ll try anything once, but these foods make me a little nervous.

PRACTICING // still practicing video making and editing from my phone and taking pictures with my DSLR. When we travel, I don't plan on taking a lot of gear with me. Mostly just my phone and my DSLR with the 50mm lens.

ANNOYED WITH // My downstairs neighbors. They’re some college kids that keep complaining of how loud we are. I live in an apartment. With three kids. She has gone to the Resident Manager (three times) and basically complained about our parenting/discipline. She said “I understand our upstairs neighbors have kids, but don’t these parents DO anything when their kids are being loud?” LOL please.🤚🏼 I’m not gonna scold my kids for merely existing. If they walk too loud, sorry. Buy me an area rug or something.

GRATEFUL FOR // Phone alarms. I have about 98374029374 set to remind me to do something during the day. If it weren’t for those, I’d forever be a mess. I mean, more than I already am.


April is cray. Other than soccer games every weekend and practice two days a week, April is sprinkled with tons of events and birthday parties. The Cherry Blossoms will be at peak bloom, we have tickets to some cool art exhibit, and we’ll be hitting up a few more museums on our bucket list!

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