sunny in june FEATURE!

In this over saturated blogging world, you publish stuff and put yourself out there on social media hoping to get a hoards of people liking your stuff and telling their friends about it! Other times, you feel like you're talking to a black hole getting a laugh or two, a "LOL same, dude", or nothing at all. I usually feel like I'm talking into the black hole.

So when Jen from Cuddles and Chaos emailed me asking if she could feature me in her Glimpses of Motherhood series on her blog I was HONORED. You know, because it feels good to have someone (other than Jay) think I'm funny. Then, I felt a little famous. But then, sweet Caleb immediately shut down my good feelings because he's six, in his own world, and he wanted a snack. Whatever.

CLICK HERE to head over to Jen's blog for answers to your burning questions like,

  • what makes me feel beautiful

  • what is my parenting style like

  • what am I most afraid of


If we're not, lets be friends on Instagram!

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