look back at it: february

February blew by and almost most of March! Hah! OMG I know it’s the shortest month I felt like I blinked and it was over. February was super busy for our crew. At the beginning of the month, we celebrated Caleb’s 6th birthday with a trip to Disney World. My parents met us there and everyone had an ah-mazing time. I almost needed a vacation from that vacation since there was so much walking and sweating and eating. I now know that hormones do a NUMBER on your body… before I LOOOOVED rollercoasters. Three kids later, I go on ONE ride and I feel like I’m gonna yack the rest of the day.

While we were at Disney we found out some pretty annoying news about our Vietnam move (which is happening in FOUR MONTHS ohmagod!). Basically it’s us and our suitcases. Whatever we can carry in our suitcases is what we will be bringing to our new home for the next two years. So all of our stuff will be put into government storage. We won’t be getting assistance with finding a place, visas, or even mail. It’s okay though! People do this ALL THE TIME, right? So no need to freak out, right? Okay? …okay… okay. Its okay!

So we’re deciding now what we’re going to keep, what we’re going to sell, and what we’re going to throw away. We need to figure out where we’re going to live, what schools the kids are going to go to, and planning for worst case scenarios and having back up plans for our back up plan.

We’re planning for our familiarization trip to Ho Chi Minh in May. At that time Jay will be able to take his proficiency exam. We’ll make visits to schools and go around with a relator to find a place. It’s basically like being on House Hunters Vietnam, but instead of a camera crew its just us freaking out in an unfamiliar country. The kids will be staying back in Alexandria with the grandmas while we go.

JAY // Jay is preparing for his Vietnamese proficiency exam in a few weeks. He’s been getting super good at it! If we were to get thrown in the country now, he’d be be able to get by. But since he is writing Graduate papers in Vietnamese he still has to study hard. He’s also making repairs to his baby, his car.

THE KIDS // At his 9 month check up, I mentioned that I was worried that Lucas had a delay since his brothers both crawled at 7 months he’s not crawling yet. His pediatrician set him up with a gross motor skill assessment. While at 10 months he’s still not crawling, he is logrolling (really fast, like super fast! – its SO FUNNY to watch!) from Point A to Point B and getting into everything and anything. His head is still a little flat in the back, but now that he’s growing it’s starting to round out a little more. Since he is “technically” moving they told me not to worry about it and cancelled my appointment. Isaac is really becoming his own person. He’s like a sour patch kid. He’ll push and punch and kick his brothers but he really loves to snuggle and play with you. He’s starting to find his sense of humor and is cracking jokes at two years old. Caleb is doing really well in school. He can’t pay attention to save his life. I had a conference with his teacher and she said that “he is bright” and that “he is friends with everyone” and “missed when he is gone”. In this day and age, I’d much rather raise a kind kid than a super smart kid.


PLANNING // Our bucket list. Caleb wants to save elephants. Isaac wants to see animals. Jay wants to eat. I want to dive. I’m not sure what Lucas wants to do, but I’m sure he’ll tell us whenever he can talk. From our bucket list, we need to plan what we need to do to prepare to cross stuff off our bucket list like getting our scuba diving certifications.

TRAVELING TO // NO WHERE. These next few months are gonna be insane so it’ll be nice to hang out in the great state of Virginia. Maybe we’ll take a trip up to Luray Caverns or plan some sort of day trip that’s within driving distance.

LISTENING TO // It’s Gonna Be Me NSYNC. MY KIDS. SHOCKING. (If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that my kids tell ALEXA to play NSYNC every. Single. Day.) Caleb is trying out for his talent show at school. He wants to perform to an instrumental track of its Gonna Be Me (including the singing and dancing). So he’s been rehearsing around the house and getting that damn song into everyone’s heads.

READING // The Girl with All the Gifts. I don’t know why but I can’t get into it. Maybe its because it’s another zombie book? Maybe because I read it when I’m about to fall asleep? I don’t know but I can’t get into this book and I can’t start another book knowing I have an unfinished one. Anyone else have this problem?

HOPING FOR // Some good return on all the stuff we’re selling! Cuz we’re putting all that money away to refurnish our house when we come back.

OBSESSED WITH // The Black Panther. Why am I like this? So after I watch a show or movie I like (this has happened with This is Us, Stranger Things, all of the Harry Potters, and countless other movies and shows) to look up on YouTube or google interviews, bloopers, tidbits, behind the scenes, and whatnot. I like, fully invest in the cast. It’s really lame and I have no idea why I do it. I could be using my brain power for so much more other than this but I’m filling it with pointless trivia knowledge LOL

WATCHING // To prep for the new Avengers movie, I plan on watching ALL the movies of the franchise from the beginning. Haha! #nerd

THINKING ABOUT // All of the different countries to visit when we’re in Vietnam. My dream is to visit one country a month and to take a weekend trip around Vietnam another time. So we’ll be traveling bi-weekly. It sounds exhausting, but there won’t be any other opportunity to do this with the careers we have. I plan on going back into the classroom when we move back to the states. I’m also thinking about whether or not I should work in HCMC if I want to travel as much as I want to.

PRACTICING // still practicing video making and editing from my phone. I’m going to be doing everything from my phone because I can’t bear to carry anything else when traveling with three kids. I started a YouTube Channel (please subscribe?) because I want to be able to share our life in Ho Ci Minh and our travels around Asia. I’ve been practicing here and there. I don’t produce any TV WORTHY content since I am filming from an iphone 8Plus, but I’m okay with that since I know I’m just documenting memories and we won’t be traveling for forever. If you have any apps or tech that are helpful with iphone video, let me know!

ANNOYED WITH // This Virginia weather. I’m sweating buckets one day and bundled up two days later. I’m over it. Also – this move. If you missed our PCS from hell, here it is. Jay visited our storage unit and it basically looked like a tornado ripped through our stuff. Nothing was labeled, everything was kind of thrown about, they couldn’t find some pieces of our piano. Whatever though, we’ll claim it when we come back and hopefully get some money back for all of our damaged and lost stuff.

GRATEFUL FOR // Grandparents. They love and take care of the kids withe everything they have. They're always there for our fam to fly across the country to spend time and look after our little trolls.

EXCITED FOR // THE JT CONCERT ON MARCH 18TH. I’m pumped for this Man of the Woods Tour.

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