Look Back At It: January

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Anyone else thought that January was like 84 days long? Mah goodness. January I love you, but I’m so glad you’re over. ✌🏼This month was full of visitors, adventures, and lots of planning.

My sister and brother in law rang in the New Year with us! Along with my 3-month old nephew and my parents. Yes, there were SIX adults and FOUR kids jammed into our little Alexandria apartment. Yes, it was crowded. Yes, it did stink a little.

Before that we were in Vegas for Christmas. We were there for 10 days. Do you want to know how much weight I gained from December 19th – January 4th?!?! 12. FREAKING. POUNDS. 😱That’s a 4 month old baby. I mean, when we go home we eat all the things, drink all the drinks, and act like we’re 22 again. So of course I knew I’d gain weight but not that much! I don’t know whether to be scared or impressed.

We started a “fitness challenge” within the siblings lovingly called The Fat Sibs. It was supposed to be this fun thing where we share our food and our workouts. But Jay and Dave (my sisters husband also Doctor of Physics and Mathematician) had to go all Type A on us and started planning and talking. Now we have a spreadsheet with little data cells that we have to input stuff in. Lawd. 🤦🏻‍♀️Anyway, whoever has the most points at the end of the month wins! The rest of the sibs put money towards a new outfit for the winner! 💃🏻 I’m definitely losing 😅

JAY // Jay is eyeballs deep in Vietnamese. He'll be taking his proficiency test soon! We celebrated 6 years of marriage (did you know I was a pregnant bride?) with dinner at Nasime, an omakase restaurant in Old Town. You basically get told what to eat instead of ordering from a menu and its five courses of gloriousness.

We had a few adventures this month around the city but the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar Hazy Center was THE favorite with the kids.

THE KIDS // Lucas is becoming more mobile – he’s not crawling yet, but just rolling to get from Point A to Point B. Caleb is doing excellent in school. His teachers are saying that he's super smart but getting in trouble for talking or not paying attention. He got a Super Nintendo from his godfather and has been mastering Street Fighter and Donkey Kong. Isaac is beginning to follow Caleb’s every move and Caleb CAN’T STAND IT. Poor guy.


PLANNING // In just FOUR SHORT MONTHS we’re going to be packing up our life in Alexandria, VA and moving to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for two years. Found out why here. So we’re planning our familiarization trip without kids in May. Our familiarization trip is our “recon mission” to figure out where to live, where the kids are going to go to school, where Jay is going to go to school, etc.

TRAVELING TO // We’re going to Disney next week for Caleb’s birthday. We are SO PUMPED! We decided to give him a HUGE bday celebration because we won’t be able to come home as much or as easily when me move.

LISTENING TO // It’s Gonna Be Me & Bye Bye Bye on REPEAT. We introduced NSYNC to the kids and they LOVE them. It was super cute the first few days of jamming out to our childhood tunes, but now it makes my eye twitch.

READING // Just got done with Vices and Virtues by Ashley Franz Holzmann. Omg so good. If you like creepy books (think those books we used to read in middle school, with the gray cover) then you need to order this. But I’ve switched back to The Girl with All the Gifts. If you have any book suggestions, lemme know!

HOPING FOR // NSYNC to have a reunion at the SuperBowl. For the sake of my children. They’ve been asking to see NSYNC in concert every day for the past three weeks. Jay keeps telling them that they’re about 17 years too late and NSYNC will probably not be making a comeback tour. Sad day.

OBSESSED WITH // my MINNIE EARS. So my childhood BFF, Jillian, opened up a small shop called The MadHattEar where she makes crochet Minnie ears. I AM LOOOOVING these. They’re such a unique twist on the typical Minnie Ears.

WATCHING // Other than Nsync Live on Youtube over and over again… We’re watching SCANDAL religiously. Living in the DC area has pumped me up even more about this show. I’m super bummed it’ll be over soon. AND of course, This is Us. I purposely planned not to do anything with anyone on SuperBowl Sunday so I can be left alone to watch and cry. Is it weird that I haven't cried at ONE episode of This Is Us? I feel like this next one is gonna be the one.

THINKING ABOUT // How offended people get lately. mahgoodness. I was reading, crying, and laughing at some This is Us tweets. Lots of people talking about how Crock Pot should sue for defamation. Like, GTFOH. No, that’s not necessary. People need to realize that this is FICTION.

PRACTICING // video making and editing from my phone. I’m going to be doing everything from my phone because I can’t bear to carry anything else when traveling with three kids. I started a YouTube Channel (please subscribe?) because I want to be able to share our life in Ho Ci Minh and our travels around Asia. I’ve been practicing with my daily skincare routine and highlights from the National Air and Space Museum. So if you have ANY advice for your favorite video editing apps, let me know!

ANNOYED WITH // This post partum hair shed. I'm looking like dracula or like Gollum from Lord of the Rings with the amount of hair I have on my head.

GRATEFUL FOR // My husband, Jay, who deals with my crazy on the regular. He got picked to get promoted for sometime next year. Ayyyy! Also for the cast and casting director of The Black Panther because I saw all those pictures from the Red Carpet Premiere and YUM.

We have lots planned for February! Caleb's Birthday at Disney, President's Day, and a visit from my sister-in-law! Lots of fun blog stuff for you too!

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