skin care routine for combination skin

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skin care routine for combination skin using cosmetic store products & drug store products //

As I try and age gracefully out of my twenties, I told myself that I really need to start drinking more water and taking care of my skin. My momma blessed me some with some sweet Filipino genes. I have the whole “look-25-until-you’re-about-57-then-you-wake-up-one-morning-and-you-will-have-jowls” thing in my DNA. But with kids, grad school, being a teenager and on the dance team in the 2000s (omg tanning beds), living in the desert for about 10 years of my life, and my husband’s job stressing me out -- I’m looking more tired than the normal 30 year old Asian woman.

If I were to travel back in time I would tell my 22-year-old self to START A GOOD SKIN CARE ROUTINE NOW.

I have too many kids to invest in the whole 12 step Korean SkinCare Beauty regimen (because all that stuff gets expensive!!!).

I invested in a handful of super high quality products paired with really good drug store products and do an abbreviated, attainable, and realistic skincare routine.


I love using the Aveeno Clean Complexion Foaming Face Wash. I have used it since high school, used other prodcuts, but always come back to this. Its gentle enough on my dry skin but also strong enough to take off a face full of make up washing my face only once. My skin is super duper sensitive so if the water is too hard, the face wash is too aggressive, or if I use a certain type of make up, my skin breaks out into a BIG HUGE rash. I’m like, one big dry spot. BUT! I also love using this cleanser to clean my make up brushes.

Step 2: TONE

When I moved to KY the water there was SO HARD and I became a one big rash on my face. I went everywhere and tried everything within a 15 square mile radius of Ft. Knox and I couldn’t find anything. I walked into the PX (a little department store on base) and was talking to a random lady about how crappy the water was. She suggested a toner to sweep away dead skin cells and left over minerals from the hard water. Not only does the Clinique Clarifying Lotion do that, but it also moisturizers your face!


I use both the Ole Henrickson Banana Bright Eye Cream that I got from an Influenster Box. I’m probably going to go buy some once this pot runs out. As well as the Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream. Eye bags/Dark Circles under my eyes are hereditary. I’m gonna get them no matter what, so to help slow that down I use two different eye creams. I’m bad about wearing my sunglasses and/or my kids break my sunglasses so I’m forever squinting. My old manager told me to use a SUPER GOOD eye cream to keep her “fun lines” at bay.

skin care routine for combination skin using cosmetic store products & drug store products //


Before I got my hands on the Julep Rose Hip Oil (sent to me from another Influenster Box) I used a pure Rose Hip Oil from Amazon. As a teen and part of the dance team in the 2000s, the tanning bed was my BFF. It looked better with stage lights and from far away if you had a little color on your skin…blablablah. Then I moved to the desert once college started and I wasn’t consistent with putting on sunscreen. The damage from the sun has already been done, but the antioxidants and vitamins in rose hip oil battle premature aging effects from the sun.


So I got the New Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto Replenishing Moisturizer for free to try and OMGOMGOMGOMGMGOMGOGMOGMALSJHDFLDSJFH the best freaking thing ever to be on and around my face. Like, you know how if you eat like crap and you get a horrible nights rest you face looks sunken and dull? Dude. This is a pot of magic. Wanna fake a full nights rest? This moisturizer. Wanna fake that you just got back from a vacation and you love life?? This moisturizer. I am never.. never..EVER going back to my old moisturizer again. I used to use the Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer but NOT ANYMORE. BYE.


If I got a horrible nights sleep, I had a late night, or my kids were up all night and the bags under my eyes are larger and darker than that super cute weekender tote that I saw on that one website but I can’t afford then I use these eye masks:

They got mixed reviews but they seem to work for me.

I wear these around the house.

I put them on and drive somewhere with the kids and take them off before I get out of the car.

Or if I have an event to go to, I put these on while I do my eyeshadow and/or hair and then take them off and finish the rest of my make up.


skin care routine for combination skin using cosmetic store products & drug store products //

Every other week or so, or whenever I remember I like to put a mask on.

My sister-in-law got some sheet masks for me from Korea when she visited. I like those because they’re super quick and really low maintenance.

I use Seacret’s Mud Mask but every other month because it’s incredibly exfoliating and I feel like the top 10 layers of my face gets rubbed off trying to get the mask off. But its amazing, just not all the time.

I’ve used the Pilaten’s Black Suction Mask and loved it because it cleans my pores out.

I’d love to know if this skincare regimen works for you! Let me know what products I NEED to have in my routine or if you use any of these and what your favorites are! I’m always looking to improve mine!

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