i was a pregnant bride

i was a pregnant bride // sunnyinjune.com

My six year wedding anniversary is coming up! Oh, did I mention that I also a have a son that is turning six? 😅

Yup, I was a pregnant bride.

I was a pregnant bride. That got married in a church. I walked down the aisle in a cream dress covering an 8-month belly.

Did I think people were judging me? Absolutely. Were they judging me? I’m sure they were. And hell yeah, I cared.

My husband and I went backwards in life. We got pregnant then got married. 10 short days later after our ceremony, our son had to be delivered.

During our engagement, I had waves of embarrassment and doubt. I was terrified. A pregnant woman in a Catholic Church 😱. SCANDAL. I was worried about what my friends were going to think. I was worried what my family was going to think. I was worried about his family. I was worried about our “image”. Luckily, I had an incredibly solid group of friends that I could lean on for support, an unwavering family, and a fiancé who gave me validation and listened to my psycho ramblings.

I remember talking to Jay one night and I said, “Do you think people think we’re only getting married because you had to make an honest woman out of me?”

“yeah.” Well, shit.

He continued, “but who cares? It’s not like THEY’RE going to be in our marriage. THEY’RE not going to be waking up with us… living with us… THEY can think what they want, but at the end of the day its you and me.” That man. 😭 The best. 😍❤️

I’m not suggesting kids to fix a relationship.

I’m not suggesting marriage to fix a relationship.

I’m not suggesting kids to fix a marriage.

What I’m saying is a pregnancy with someone that you love at the “wrong time” of your life isn’t the end of the world.

What I’m saying is there is a reason for everything.

What I’m saying is you are strong enough to face anything life throws at you.

You are strong enough to hold your head high even if it feels like the world is looking down on you.

Yeah, we got pregnant before getting married. Whoops. But that doesn’t mean that our “happily ever after” changed.

So here we are -- three kids, four deployments, five moves to different states, countless happy tears, countless sad tears, and three lifetimes of laughs jam-packed into six short years of marriage.

i was a pregnant bride // sunnyinjune.com

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Life doesn’t always happen as planned and that’s okay.

It doesn’t make your love story less perfect.

And it sure as hell doesn’t make your life less perfect.

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