six best feeding supplies for infants and toddlers

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best feeding supplies for baby and toddlers //

As an infant, my toddler was not picky at all. Then one night he went to bed and woke up the PICKIEST eater ever. My kids are weird about their food. They don’t like “regular kid food” – mac n cheese and chicken tenders? No thanks. They want fish, couscous, tofu, and kale. Da hail!? But of course, they will OD on pizza any chance they get. But they CAN’T have their sauces touch. Here are our family’s favorite toddler eating supplies.

Booster Seat

Instead of having a high chair, we use this booster instead. This booster “grows” with your child. You can sit your baby in it if they’re eating pureed foods. The lap belt adjusts to little baby waists all the way up to big toddler bellies. The back is removable so it’s like a restaurant booster.

We loved this option because we were able to pack it with us when we would travel. We just throw it in a suit case and pack clothes and stuff around it. The tray is removable and the durable plastic material makes it super easy to clean.

Life Hack: In the event that your child gets sick at the table, just lift the entire chair and carry it to the bathroom. Unbuckle booster from dining room chair. Put both the child and the booster in the bathtub. Wash child. Dry child. Dress child. Wash chair. Let chair dry in bathtub. Use again later. (Not saying this happened, but this totally happened, hah!)

Sippy Cup

With the first two kids, we made the mistake of not introducing a sippy cup early enough. I went through like, 10 sippy cups before I just got rid of all the bottles in the house and they had no other choice than to just drink from one. With our third son (third time’s a charm, right??) we transitioned him at 6 months when we started food. He was used to drinking from Dr. Browns Bottles, so we figured using this sippy cup would be the smoothest transition AND IT WAS.

The sippy sprouts are super soft. The top is removable so the lid isn’t in the baby’s face when he drinks. EVERYTHING can be disassembled and washed so all of the gross mush from baby food can be cleaned out of every single nook and cranny of this cup.

Waterproof Bibs

Kids are gross and messy. It’s inevitable that they will get dirty just by existing. I always fed my kids just in a diaper. But If we were out at a restaurant or something, we loved using these bibs. These bibs lasted from when my first-born started eating purees all the way up to my second-born kid eating regular food.

I preferred these to the bulky silicone ones. There’s a crumb catcher, they’re waterproof, and super easy to wash and store in your diaper bag.

Silicone Spoons

These spoons are the beesknees, ya’ll. I’ve gone through metal spoons, plastic spoons, chopsticks, wooden spoons – lol jk, but we HAVE been through a lot of spoons. But these are hands down. THE. BEST. SPOONS. EVER.

I don’t know what it is – maybe it’s the shape of the spoon but you know when you feed a baby the baby swallows most of the food but spits a little out? You normally use the side of the spoon to wipe it off and put it back into the baby’s mouth, right? But any other spoon leaves a little puree residue on the mouth. BUT THIS ONE DOESN’T!

Also, the handle is super long so you can easily reach the bottom of taller baby food jars. There’s a little part on the “neck” of the spoon that juts out a little bit so the spoon rests on the table without the mouth piece touching a dirty germy table.

Toddler Sippy Cup

So after using a sippy cup with a spout, we wanted the kids to get used to drinking out of regular cups, and transitioned to the Miracle Cup.

This cup is for real a miracle. There is a silicone band around the edge so wherever your kid drink from, liquid will come out. Liquid will only come out when someone is drinking from it. So if your cup is laying on it’s side, nothing should spill out. HOWEVER, if the cup is thrown some liquid will spill out when the cup hits the floor. It’s physics. And rude children.

Bento box and divided plates

My kids hate when their food touch. If their food is touching, then they won’t eat it. So we have divided plates and bento box lunches to diffuse any temper tantrums that may occur if food DOES touch. These are our favorite ones…

The plate is made of silicone so doesn’t move on the table if your kid is trying to scoop up rice onto a spoon. Since they ARE made of silicone, they’re flexible so just make sure to support the bottom when you pick up the plate.

When the kids have lunch at school, we need something divided for them to bring to school too. We opted for bento boxes since they’re already sectioned off. This one is sectioned off into six different compartments. I hate washing dishes so washing one piece compared to six different containers to wash.

I hope our favorite feeding products become your favorite as well!

Please let me know in the comments below what you used to get through toddler and infant feeding!

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