look back at it: 2017 in review

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2017 was a super crappy year for like, society, and an incredibly busy year for our family. Yes, like any other year there are ups and downs but I’m sharing our biggest milestones from this year.


Earlier this year we got news that we’ll be moving to Vietnam in the summer of 2018. We got news he got accepted into his program and four months later, we moved! We’re scheduled to be residents of Ho Chi Minh City in July of 2018.


In April, I was awarded my Masters Degree in Education and I graduated With Distinction. What. Whaaaaaaaaat.

Finishing a Master’s Degree while 9 months pregnant and two other kids was incredibly difficult. I basically got through that last semester with “right click, synonym” when typing my papers. Lort.

The birth of BOY #3

Lucas was born via C-Section in Louisville, KY. My parents flew out to take care of the older kids. Jay’s job allowed him to be more accessible at home if needed. The transition from two kids to three kids was okay. I'm able to make sure everyone is alive, relatively clean, and fed. Me however? Transitioning MYSELF to taking care of two kids to three, really took a toll on my body/energy/appearance. I found out that asian women can grow little wispy mustaches! hah!


After a horrible PCS, we moved to the DC area! It’s hella expensive in DC. We couldn’t get afford a nice, spacious, house if we tried so we jam-packed our family of five into a nice and not-so-spacious apartment. It’s cool though because there is so much to do in this area and we’re barely home anyway!

My oldest son started Kindergarten.

And I couldn’t stop crying for the first week.

We had lots of visitors already!

In our 5 months of living in Virginia, we had guests almost every month. The kids love hanging with the family that visits and we love being able to play tourist with every one that comes!

Traveling back home to Las Vegas for the last Christmas in the states for a while.

We flew for the first time as a family of five. The kids got to spend lots of time with their aunts, uncles, and cousins that they don’t see too often. We got free baby sitting from my parents and Jay’s parents so we were able to take advantage of Vegas with our friends. Since the program that Jay got accepted into wants us to completely immerse, they want to us spend the holidays overseas so we can learn as much about the culture as possible.



This is my biggest problem. I want to start being more consistent with blogging. I have all these fun ideas that I feel like you’d enjoy, but then life happens and I don’t post it! So I hope to stick to my editorial calendar!

Get a little personal.

I mean, I’m kind of a chronic over-sharer already, but I hope to share some more of my story and resonate with whoever out there is reading my stuff! Hey you, thanks for reading!

Collaborate, form, and land more partnerships

When you want something, you speak it into the universe then it happens, right? I hope to land a few more sponsored posts and make a lil cash money with my blog. My priority is sharing my life, sharing our travels, and documenting this move to Asia. But you know -- kids are so freaking expensive and a little bit more green in our bank account to help offset the cost of you know, surviving, won’t hurt.

My personal resolution?

I’m really happy with my life, where it’s at, where it's going, and how it's going.

Buuuut! I want to be able to give to my parents more because they do so much for us. I also need to start wearing my retainer more consistently, cuz braces are expensive. hah!


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