look back at it: november

Oh hey, December. You came out of nowhere.

November was a whirlwind for us.

Fam: The kids are coming off the “family visiting in town and doing all the fun things and getting all the cool stuff” high. At the beginning of the month Jay’s mom and dad came to visit for a weekend. This was the first weekend they visited him together since he first joined the Army in 2008. His dad is usually in the Philippines or they are visiting when Jay is deployed. It was sweet. The kids LOVED hanging out with them. It was cool because we got a break. We even got to sleep in until about 8am! We mostly hung out at home, ate at different restaurants, and went to the mall.

A few days later, my dad came to visit en route to Chicago (where I grew up!). Dad is an amazing cook, super interesting, and incredibly non chalant about things that are really kind of a big deal. So he kept our bellies full and shared some stories about how he was a sailor during the Vietnam War, how he got car jacked in Vegas, and how he partied with 50 Cent (who my dad adorably calls “fifty cents” LOL) and Floyd Mayweather on the 4th of July.

A week after that we had Jay’s boyfr—I mean – best friend and Jay’s sister in town for Thanksgiving. We cooked food (first time cooking a turkey! Yum!), reverted back to our 22-year-old-selves, walked miles and miles around DC, and depleted our bank accounts while filling our bellies. Here’s a recap of one of the days we had around DC.

Photos by Marla Thach

We got our family pictures done by the wonderful Marla Thach. So keep an eye out in your mailbox for our Christmas card! We’ll be sending them out soon!

Justine: November mellowed out a little bit but my crazy self still continues to jam-pack my day so I’m just dead by the end of the day. Remember how I was like “omg, I have all this great content for you for the month of November!??!” LOLOL yeah, well that didn’t happen. It’ll come! I swear! They say that all good things will come to those who wait, right!? right??

Photos by Marla Thach

I’m still finishing up Ash’s Book, Vices and Virtues. Between kids, learning Vietnamese, company coming into town, the holidays, and life… I don’t think I’ve picked up book up (that wasn’t a children’s book or a textbook) this whole month.

We’re caught up with Stranger Things 2 (wah! I have to wait a year for season 3??) we literally watched them all in two days, Scandal, and This is Us. If you have any Netflix bingeworthy shows I need to watch that ISN’T Greys Anatomy (my hormones can’t take that show.) lemme know!

Jay: Jay has been busy with language training. Jay’s always busy with language training LOL. He got approval for our familiarization trip in May. Which means that in May, Jay and I (kids will be with the grandparents) will be going to Vietnam for a week to do a little recon trip. On this trip we’ll need to find out where to live, where the kids are going to go to school, finalize Jay attending school, etc etc. He also got approval for his eye surgery. So next month he’ll be getting PRK. PRK is like Lasik but without the whole “cutting your eye thing”.

Photos by Marla Thach

Caleb: Caleb continues to strive DAILY to be a ninja. Jumping off of the couch, fighting, kicking, “hi-yaaa”-ing is becoming the new normal around here. He’s doing pretty well in school. He gets a stamp most days (which means he has a good day) and sometimes gets in trouble for not paying attention. He’s on this mentality where “first is best”. So even if he does a horrible job on his worksheet, he still turned it in first, so he thinks it’s all good.

Photos by Marla Thach

Isaac: Isaac is really becoming a little dude. His personality is SO WITTY and clever. He’s a really good listener and problem solver. He gets frustrated easily and will start to hit if something isn’t going his way, but he’s two so that’s normal. His favorite color is blue and is asking for “blue” for Christmas. I don’t know what that means, so hopefully we’ll figure it out soon.

Photos by Marla Thach

Lucas: Sweet Lukey has a flat head. *sobs* Unfortunately, our insurance won’t pay for a helmet or any of the doctors visits, consultations, or the helmet itself. So we looked into other options for fixing it. We have a referral for a PT to take a look at him and hopefully share some positions and techniques to keep him off his back. He’s rolling around a lot, so even if we do put him on his belly, he flips right over.

This little dude loves life. He loves his older brothers, pureed food, his mom, his dad, a white wall, a flash light, when someone sneezes, a wrapper, if someone blinks at him, dogs – literally anything he loves and will smile and clap at. Too cute!

Photos by Marla Thach

December will be CRAZY! We’re going home to Las Vegas for 10 days to spend Christmas there. Then coming back to DC to spend New Years here. This will be our first time flying as a family of five. Pray for us. And our bank accounts.

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