holiday travel tips: flying with kids

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holiday travel tips: flying with kids //

The holiday season is upon us! It is also THEEEE BUSIEST time ever in the history of ever to fly because everyone is trying to get home. Now, I don’t like to think of myself as an “expert flyer with kids” by any means, but I have several (solo AND accompanied) transcontinental flights with kids under my belt. And I'm sharing with you some of the best life hacks I've learned over the years to make flying with kids easier:

Be hands free. Wear the baby or use a stroller FOR SURE. Do not be a hero and hand carry a baby with a tote slung around your forearm. I mean, you’ll look SO CUTE but you’ll be incredibly stressed and sweaty trying to maneuver #allthethings. Use a backpack or a cross body bag. You’ll need your hands/arms to grab a wandering kid, to hold on to tickets and IDs, or to hold hands. Personally, I prefer to wear a baby rather than stroll because when it’s really busy in the airport I like to maneuver around the slow walkers and I’m much more agile with a baby strapped to me rather than pushing one.

Don’t wash your kid’s things. As a kid, flying is super stressful. Yeah, your mom or dad is there to give you comfort, but sometimes you just want your bed or your house. Bring the favorite blanket or stuffed animal, but make sure it smells like home. Planes stink. Jet fuel, recycled air, people --- planes stink. Having that comfort item will help calm and settle down the pre-flight jitters and yucky feeling of take off and landing.

Have your kids carry stuff. Are your children mobile? Are they strong enough to carry their own backpack? Well, take the stress off your back (literally!) and make them carry their own stuff! I had this fear of if-i-make-my-kid-carry-their-own-stuff-and-they-don’t-want-to-anymore-I’m-stuck-carrying-it, but they totally carry their own stuff without complaints! I enlist the boys help while packing the backpacks and I make sure not to over stuff and make them heavy.

My two year old carries his own diapers, wipes, changing pad, snacks, toys, water bottle, and extra change of clothes.

My five year old carries his own change of clothes, toys, books, headphones, the ipad, snacks, and water.

My 6 month old carries his own… just kidding! --- I carry the diaper bag.

Dress in layers duh! I have fallen in love with the graphic tee with the woven button up look and I have adopted it as my kids go-to outfit. And as always, Osh Kosh B’Gosh delivers with some AHHH-DORABLE kids fashion for my boys this holiday season. The graphic tee, button up, jogger look is also our official “flying outfit”. If its cold, they can put on the button up or use it as a blanket. If its hot, they can tie the shirt around their waist and don’t have to worry about it taking up space in their backpacks.

holiday travel tips: flying with kids //

Graphic Tee // Button Up - sold out *sad day* // Joggers

holiday travel tips: flying with kids //

Graphic Tee // Button Up // Joggers - sold out (similar style here)

The baby is in a fleece PJ because I always have the MAX AIR blowing on me since I get pretty bad motion sickness.

My favorite thing about these outfits? You can sub the joggers for some chinos or corduroys, wear dressier shoes, and style the kids hair and *boom* --- holiday outfiiiiiit. Which kind of brings me to my next point…

Half-Pack your suitcase. OR stick a smaller, full suitcase inside of a big empty one. I don’t know about you but when I go home for the holidays and see friends and family… my kids get ALLLLL OF THE THINGS. Like, so much that we have to leave some back and have my parents send it to us at a later date, pick it up the next time we’re home, or have parents bring it when they come and visit us. Don't get me wrong, I'm *SO* grateful that my kids are that loved, but it gets expensive having to send all that stuff back. ALSO. Jay and I are incredibly guilty for splurging at home since we’re only home once or twice a year, we want to buy ALL THE THINGS and eat ALL THE FOOD. So pick outfits and outfit combinations that are versatile and don’t require a ton of pieces of clothing.

Sleep in your travel clothes. So the airline big wigs want to torture big families a little bit by making REALLY EARLY MORNING or INCREDIBLY LATE IN THE EVENING flights super cheap. And all of the convenient flights at normal waking hours are like $200 more per person. When you have a family of five – that doesn’t really fly with our budget (heh. See what I did there?). So I started putting the kids to bed in their travel clothes. Genius. All they do when they wake up is use the bathroom, brush teeth, put a button up on, put shoes on, grab your stuff and you’re out the door. The clothes will still smell like “home” and you won’t have to worry about running late or missing pants cuz they’re already wearing theeeeem! win.

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I would LOVE to hear your travel tips (any must-have in your carry on? any life hacks?) OR where you want to take you next vacation to!

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