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Maaaaan. Military Spouses. We get such a bad reputation. Just because there are a few people out there that ruin it, doesn’t mean that ALL of us are like that. In fact, we’re probably one of the BEST people to be BFFs with… lemme tell you why:

We’re low maintenance friends. It’s no secret we move around a lot. With different time zones, kids, jobs, deployments, and life we totally understand that time slips away and it’s been like five months or five years since our last conversation. But when we do catch up and talk again it’s like we’re picking up right where we left off. Be prepared for a VERRRY long catch up session though because in a military fam lots can happen whether it be one week, one month, or one year since we’ve last talked!

We’re down for whatever. We have a plan. The military then throws a wrench in this plan. We reassess said plan and then move on with life. Sometimes there’s LOTS complaining because of a big change of plans, have you ever had something annoying happen to you so many times that you just don't care anymore? Yeah, that's us. Spontaneous trip out of town? Sure. Hosting Thanksgiving with TWO days notice? Okay. Moving out of the country in a few months? K. Need someone to watch the kids really quick? Sure thing! You need me to risk my health to go into your germ-ridden house to cook soup, feed you saltines and Gatorade, and give you medicine because your husband is gone? Yeah, I’ll be right over!

We live in cool(ish) places. Alaska, Asia, Europe, Australia – you name it, there is a military base there or a military affiliation in that country and chances are, if your military spouse BFF is moving somewhere it’ll probably be cool or some where close by a cool city. The only exception to this is the Army. United States Army Bases have some pretty lame base locations (though, I hear Colorado is GORGE). The upside to us moving around a lot is lots of places for you to vacation! Come visit us and stay with us (free lodging, wuduuuuup!)

We purge. When we move from one place to another and we have to bring ALLLLLLL of our stuff with us. On average we move every two years or so. Every move, we go through all of the stuff that we either A. don’t like anymore, B. have no use for anymore, C. is broken, or D. will not work in our next place of residence. So, we giveaway, donate, then throw away. And if you’re our BFF that means – you get first dibs on all the good stuff!

We have cool hobbies (sometimes turned businesses!). Us “milspos” or “milsos” or my personal favorite – “badasses”, we don’t always have the most ideal situations in where we can pick up our life and have a job waiting for us at our next duty station. So, to save our sanity, our marriage, and to make a little money – we usually pick up a hobby and turn that into a business.

For example:

Emily from Scout and Indiana makes ridiculously adorable tees for the whole fam.

image courtesy of Marla Thach

image courtesy of Marla Thach

image courtesy of Marla Thach

The lovely ladies behind R. Riveter. Two Army wives that were frustrated with the employment struggles of military spouses. Maybe you've seen these BAs on Shark Tank?

image courtesy of Kristin Micari

My friend, Ash, made this FREAKING AMAZING ball gown for me the other day.

We’re super resourceful. Have you ever been in a pool? Have you ever walked a little too far off the deep end of the pool and you’re barely keeping your nostrils above water? Imagine that. Then someone hands you a baby and takes away your husband for six or more months. That’s kind of like how it feels to be a military spouse. You need to somehow keep your self alive, your kids alive, your credit score alive, and your marriage alive. Of course you can’t freaking do it alone, but you do and you enlist the help of others and utilize GOOGLE...lots and lots of googling. Do you need some advice? Are you in a situation where you desperately need help with something? You need someone to change a tire or unclog a drain? Can’t figure out how to move furniture or assemble something? Did your dress rip or you need help in creating a last minute costume? Call us. Beep Us. If you want to reach us. I promise you, we’ve been there. We either 1. Have a solution and know how to fix it. Or 2. Know someone that will fix it.

We’re there for you. Okay, sometimes we can’t BE THERE. But we’re there for you. “On-Call” per say… if you need it! We’ll be there to sink down and pick you up from your lowest of lows and be the loudest celebrating with you while you’re at your highest of highs. We understand all the sucky situations and the different crisis modes. Sometimes military life suuuucks. Sometimes civilian life suuuuuucks. So call or text and we’ll laugh, cry, eat, or drink together – whatever you need!

Military Spouses – The REAL backbone of the troops. Juuuuust kidding. No I’m not. Yes I am. Okay, half kidding. But for real, we’re that incredibly low maintenance special group of people that will have your back even if we’re apart. So if you just barely keep in touch with us, I promise we’ll be your favorite friendship!

In the comments below, tell me what are are some "non-negotiables" in your friendship??

My number one and most important of all is that you need to TELL ME LIKE IT IS. Tell me if I'm being whiny or if my kids are being bad. As my BFFLAEAEAE you need to tell me the things I don't want to hear! (but be nice about it!)

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