DC with Kids: the metro

So you’re taking a trip to DC and don’t want to lug your car seat on the plane? Are you moving to DC and you realize that a parking spot is $120 a month and you need to get rid of your car? OR! Are you planning on visiting DC and you're looking up parking prices in the city and you REALLY don't feel like spending $80/day to park your car? THANKFULLY! Washington DC and the surrounding areas are incredibly commuter friendly!

Are you debating whether or not you need to bring a car seat? The answer is NO! I mean, if you really want to bring a car seat, you can – but you really don’t need to bring one! Bring a stroller or a baby carrier for sure.

I’m gonna say it again -- The Washington DC and surrounding areas are incredibly commuter friendly. And the public transportation is family friendly and accessible!

You can bring your stroller on the Metro or on the Bus. If you take the bus, you WILL have to fold your stroller down.

The DC Area has Uber Family – Uber Family is like a regular Uber BUT WITH A CARSEAT! Something that you need to know though – it is just ONE car seat and the car seat is forward facing. So if you have young children or multiple babes, maybe take the bus or the metro.

Some tips for the Metro:

Personally, I like to ride either at the very first car or the very last car. Our family has a double stroller. Okay, we have a double JOGGING stroller. Which is like a regular double, but on steroids.

Riding in the first or last car is much less crowded. And commuters (not just, DC commuters – commuters in general) can’t be BURDENED with a stroller blocking their path. Some of them are nice about a big bulky stroller with two adorable kids in it but usually they want nothing to do with it.

sitting in the very last car on a weekend adventure into DC

Food and drink are NOT allowed on the Metro. I kind of break the rule, though, because my kids are confined to a stroller. I give my youngest milk in his bottle and the older two an easy to clean up snack – like fruit snacks or an apple sauce pouch – that way I can just grab the trash and stick it in my bag until we get to a trash can. So like, don’t bring spaghetti in a bowl on the train and feed your kid with it LOL.

The DC metro system has gotten a little better over the years (so I’ve heard), and they are putting more money into the maintenance of the stations. The employees working at the Metro Station will not let you ride on the escalator with the stroller and you HAVE to take the elevator.

There was one time that the elevator was broken and we had no other choice but to use the escalator. My husband was by the front while I held on to the back. I probably wouldn’t do that again without someone with me to control the front of the stroller, but we made it down without getting in trouble.

the small elevator -- its big enough for a double, two adults, and a kid!

The turnstiles are big enough for you to fit a double stroller through them.

If your child is 5 years old or older, you must get them a metro card.

sitting in the very last car of the train is much less crowded than the middle cars

If your child easily gets motion sickness – sit or stand facing the direction the train is moving. The train ride is rickety and jostling so you’re moving from side to side. You can feel the train brake and speed up. You’re not on the train for too long and you’ll be out in the fresh air shortly!

Travel safe and I hope you enjoy the adventure of getting around Washington DC. If you have any tips I missed, make sure you leave them in the comments below! Have you ever visited DC before? Where is your favorite place to go?

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