8 items to keep in your jogging stroller

My youngest is a little older than 4 months now. I started working out again about 10 weeks post partum from my third C Section. I was always active – in sports when I was younger, dancing in high school and in college, and in the gym lifting weights (with VERY LITTLE running). Instead of joining a gym and paying half a mortgage payment and sacrificing my first born every month, I joined a stroller workout class. A workout that kicks your butt plus a social hour for mamas while all the kids play with each other!? Perfect.

But let me tell you --- after class I am SMOKED. I can barely keep up in class. So in order to better myself (and to get the kids out of the house) I added some supplemental runs to my day. When you’re attached to a stroller as much as I am, that thing becomes your lifeline. I ordered a stroller organizer wide enough for a double stroller and started stashing some essentials that I found myself needing daily and some other things to have, just in case.

Here are my jogging stroller essentials:

Water for you and your kids – whether you go out on a five minute run or a five mile run no matter the season, it’s always always always important to keep water close by to keep you and your babe hydrated.

Extra Hairties/Bobby Pins/Hair Claw – I’ve had a hair tie snap on me mid run and I had to run the last mile and a half without a hair tie. I already despise running, but running with free flowing hair sticking to my neck made me hate it even more.

Kids Jacket or Hoodie – While you’re running and sweating, your kids are getting ALLLLL the wind. What’s perfect running weather for you is probably chilly for them. Bring an extra jacket just in case. You can also use the jacket to soak up any spills that happen on your runs… not saying I did that, but I’ve done that. heh!

Kid Snacks – Nothing is worse than having a whiny kid on a run. If you feed your kid when you run, they will be too busy chewing to be bothering you while you push them for miles and miles and miles.

Band-Aids and Antibacterial Spray – These are good to have for either you or the kids. I ran with a blister one time and it was agony. When we’re on runs, I sometimes stop at a playground to have the kids run around before succumbing to the stroller again. My middle son fell and busted his knee and arm and I didn’t have anything to clean him up with (no, not a jacket either LOL – it was summer!) so I wiped him up with my shirt and left it uncovered until we got home.

A Couple Toys/Books – The scenery of a stroller jog is enough to keep a little ones attention. But if they’re just not into it, then the small toys and book should hold them over until you’re done with your run.

Diapers/Wipes – because you never know what could happen on your run! I keep a changing pouch with a pad, four (two for the baby and two for the toddler) diapers, and wipes in the bottom of the stroller at all times.

Snacks for You – My personal favorite snack to bring are a few Shine Organics Pouches. These pouches are jam packed with real fruit, vegetables, chia seeds, and superfoods. I like how it’s in a pouch so my dirty hands don’t have to open and touch a bar or a piece of fruit when I eat. After running, I like to try and eat something healthy so I don’t “un-do” all the running I did… does that make sense!? LOL

You can get these yummy treats at Target in the apple sauce/snack aisle.

Enjoy $1 off a 4 pack with THIS coupon!

They are also incredibly convenient for a post-run multitasking session when you have to stretch, eat, and some how cater to the needs of your kindergartener, toddler, and infant.

What I DON’T keep in my stroller:

A blanket – stupid me, I planned a post nap and my middle son had his blanket with him since he just woke up. While I was running the blanket slipped and got tangled in the wheel. Thankfully I’m an incredibly slow jogger so no strollers tipped over, just a blanket got dirty.

A Tablet – what happens when a kid gets frustrated? They throw the thing they are frustrated with. I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to let my 2-year-old son throw the $300 iPad. No. I don’t even want to risk it.

The entire diaper bag – Unless you’re training for a marathon, you’ll be gone for an hour, tops. You don’t need the whole diaper bag weighing the stroller down and making it harder to push. Diaper bags are HEAVY.

What are your favorite post-workout snacks?

Leave me a link of your favorite recipe to try!

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