The HOME-sted Experience

After the one of the most stressful PCS's (Permanent Change of Station) we’ve ever had, we’ve been official Virginia residents for two whole months now and we are LOVING it! School is in session, language is in session, and everyone in the family has their routines. In TEN SHORT MONTHS. TEN. 10. The De Jesus crew will be preparing for one of the biggest adventure of our lives… two years in Vietnam!

Why are we moving to Vietnam, you ask? Last Winter, Jay got accepted to the Olmsted Scholarship. It is a broadening opportunity for military service members. It was an intense and long application process (he literally began his application a year and a half ago) but we’re finally here!

Jay is still in the Army but he is on student status. Right now, his job is to attend language training. Even though he’s in the classroom, his fitness still has to be a priority since they do PT Tests (Physical Tests) twice a year. He had the option of attending language training either in California, in DC, or in the country. Since we just had a baby we opted to stay stateside to learn the language. Even though California is closer to home, we stayed on the East Coast since we were already stationed here AND we’ll be moving back to North Carolina after we get back from Vietnam.

My friends back home think we just stroll the streets of DC, eat at all the cool spots, have precious family time, and work out. SOMETIMES we get a break and that happens but normally, no.

Here is the day in the life of my husband, Jay – an Olmsted Scholar and dad living stateside:

5:45 – Wake up, Get ready, Eat breakfast, Help get the kids ready, Pack school bag

6:50 – Walk to the metro station

7:00 – Commute – Study on the way to class

8:00 – Class

14:30 – Commute – Study on the way home

15:30 – Get Home, Relax for about 3.5 seconds

16:30 – Gym

17:00 – Homework, Review, and Study Vietnamese

18:00 – Dinner, Clean Up, Hang with the Fam, Help kids get ready for bed

19:45 – Homework, Review, and Study Vietnamese

20:30 – Run

21:00 - Homework, Review, Study Vietnamese

23:00 – CHILL.

23:30 – Bed

meeting up at the park after a library study session

On Saturdays and Sundays, he normally takes a three-hour study session at the library or coffee shop. Then we go and wander the streets of the DC area.

The Olmsted Foundation allows spouses of the Scholars to learn the language as well. Instead of trying to find a Vietnamese class, finding childcare, finding a legit Vietnamese class online that worked with my schedule, blah blah blah… we just asked Jay’s Vietnamese teacher to teach me! It worked out perfectly because I know I’m getting quality lessons and Jay and I can share study materials.

Here is the day in the life me! A mom, blogger, and an Olmsted Scholar’s Spouse:

6:15am – Wake up, brush teeth and put acceptable clothes on, get kids ready for the day

6:45am – Walk to the bus stop to drop off Caleb

how we roll to the bus stop... literally. rolling.

7:15am – Feed Isaac and Lucas breakfast. While they are eating, I chug coffee, complete a quick household chore (usually sweep, dishes, or pick up around the house), and shove food down my throat. Sometimes I have time to fit in some Vietnamese review or homework.

9:15am – Get ready for whatever it is we’re doing that day

9:30am – Leave the house

10:00am – On Mondays and Thursdays I drop Isaac off at preschool then come home and clean/do laundry/ prepare food/ do homework/review, etc. until 2PM when I have to go and get him.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays I go to S.L.A.M. (Sweat Like a Mother – a super intense stroller work out class) with Isaac and Lucas. It’s a work out, a chance to hang out with other adults, and a play date for your kids all in one... the best!

12:00pm – Get home, feed kids, put kids down for nap, shower, look presentable, do another household chore, then work on blog stuff or Vietnamese homework.

2:40pm – Get Caleb from the bus stop

3:00pm – Eat snacks, Chill, Spend time with the kids, Clean, Do homework, Do another household chore, Cook Dinner, and work on blog stuff while dinner is cooking.

6:00pm – Eat Dinner, Clean up, Hang out as a family, Get kids ready for bed

7:30pm – All kids in bed. Review before class starts

8:00pm – Vietnamese Class via Skype

10:00pm – Vietnamese class ends. Prepare kids lunches, Pick Up around house, finish whatever household chore, Review, Do Homework, Do Blog Stuff, then read or scroll aimlessly on social media until I pass out.

11:30pm – Bed

As lame as it is, Jay and I have to SCHEDULE time to hang out with each other or with our kids. We all live together, we’re under the same roof, but there is a difference living with people and actually spending quality time with the people you live with. For our sanity – we also set time aside to do something that’s totally our own thing.

doing homework while the other two are distracted by the TV and the baby is distracted by my hair

As an adult, it’s extremely difficult to learn a new language. Almost frustrating. My brain is fried after TWO HOURS. Jay is in class for six. SIX HOURS of language. Throw in balancing your kids, your life, your blog, and your health. A lot of homework gets done bouncing a kid on your lap, a lot of housework gets pushed to the weekend, and a lot of sleep is lost. But we’re making it work! Everyone is happy and we’re getting the opportunity of a lifetime so we can’t complain! [insert praise hands emoji here]

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