Simple Skin Care Routine

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The transition from two kids to three kids was and still is a little rough. We take it one day at a time and some days are better than others. Some days I think I’m SuperMom getting everything that I need to get done, done. Other days I’m tired, running on a few hours of sleep, my breastmilk is probably 90% coffee, and breaking up fights between my older kids while smelling like spit up from the baby.

We just recently moved from Ft. Knox, Kentucky to Alexandria, Virginia. The move TESTED ME, ya’ll. But that’s a whole other story. I finally looked at myself the other day and I looked rough. I did a full assessment of my face. My body was tired, my eyebrows were overgrown, my face was tired, the lines on my face were a little deeper, and the bags under my eyes were so dark and so large you’d think they were from the Fall Prada Collection.

After purging and organizing everything before our move, my cosmetics cabinet really took a hit – mostly because I’m a hoarder and kept moisturizer and serum from 2011. Whoops. So starting new, I picked up a FEW products to get looking and feeling like myself again. I stress the word few because we don’t have the luxury of extra cabinet space since we downsized our family of five from a large house to a three bedroom apartment. | simple skin care routine for the busy mamas and lady bosses

I got my hands on this All-In-One Anti Aging Skincare Solution from Simplicity SkinCare. I use this dual pump product after I wash my face. This All-in-One Skincare Solution has Moisturizer on one side and an Anti-Aging Serum on the other side. I’ve been using it daily for a little less than two weeks. I apply it both in the morning after I wake up and in the evening after I wash my face. My skin is firmer, the lines on my face (specifically, the stress wrinkle between my eyebrows because… kids LOL) aren’t as deep, and my face actually looks bright. | simple skin care routine for the busy mamas and lady bosses

Now that my time is stretched between three boys, my husband, my house, and my life… My skincare routine has changed drastically:

Step 1: Wash face

Step 2: Exfoliate face or use a face mask

Step 3: Pluck any stray hairs from eyebrows

Step 4: Apply Simplicity SkinCare Anti Aging serum to eye area using ring finger and massage gently in.

Step 5: Apply Simplicity SkinCare Anti Aging serum to the rest of the face and allow to dry.

Step 6: Apply Simplicity SkinCare Anti Aging moisturizer and allow to dry.

Step 7: Apply chapstick and head to bed!

HA! Just kidding!!! I don’t have time like that. That’s my skin care routine in a perfect world. This is my skincare routine – for real:

  1. Go into the kids room and get a baby wipe.

  2. Wipe face and neck while you walk from the kids room to your bathroom.

  3. With your index and middle finger – put two pumps of the Simplicity SkinCare Anti Aging Serum and Moisturizer TOGETHER in the palm of your hand, rub together, and apply on your face and neck.

Then fall face first into your pillow and sleep for two hours because the baby is going to wake you up in an hour to eat anyway. These products are designed to be mixed TOGETHER because, while they work great individually, when the ingredients are mixed the application onto the face is better and they further propel each other!

In the comments, let me know what your skincare routine looks like?

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