Boys Haircuts

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I’ve been getting some emails regarding the kid’s haircuts. So I figured I’d share the kind of cut they get from the barber. The kids go to the same barber shop my husband goes to. My husband gets weekly haircuts (because, military.) while the kids get one or two haircuts monthly.

Normally, our kid’s hair isn’t “done”. They typically have hats on. I only style their hair when they ask me to or if it’s a special occasion. When I do style their hair, I use this product called Hard Up by Style Sexy Hair. I like it because it dries kind of matte and it holds all day. Depending on the texture of your child’s hair, this will hold if your kid is playing hard and their hair gets all sweaty. However, this product is gentle enough to wash out with baby shampoo.

For Caleb, (he’s really into a sharks right now) I ask for a medium faux hawk with it tapered or a drop fade in the back. I ask for the sides to be skin, too. This leaves the hair on top long enough to get styled into a faux hawk (like a shark fin) and the sides bald. I ask for a drop fade for both of my kids because they have incredibly square heads, the drop fade makes their head look a little more "round". My kids have incredibly thick hair. To keep them from getting too sweaty, I ask for a skin taper so their heads aren’t so hot under all that black hair. Also, it prolongs the time between cuts! Yay!

For Isaac, I ask for an undercut with a hard part. I ask for a medium skin fade with it dropped in the back. Again, Isaac has a square head, so dropping the fade in the back hides how flat the back of his head is. Hah! A hard part is the part shaved into the hair. I like this because I don’t have to “guess” where the part will look good in his hair when I style it…because it’s already there!

Hair is surprisingly a big deal to kids. I always make sure to ask my oldest how he wants his hair. For my younger son, he likes looking exactly like daddy so I make sure they have similar haircuts. I never force them to get a certain haircut or something they don’t want.

Haircuts normally take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in the chair. If they’re not used to sitting still, bring some snacks or let them watch something on your phone. I normally have fruit snacks or lollipops in my bag as a “treat” for them sitting so nicely in the chair.

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