One year ago I hit publish on my site. I’ve made some friends, found really cute shops, and read some hilarious, sad, and life changing posts from other blogs. I have learned a lot since obtaining my little space on the internet and I’m continuing to learn so much. I started this blog to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world, to showcase some adorable boy fashion without spending a fortune, and to write about how I’m keeping (and not keeping) my sanity as a mother, woman, and wife to someone in the military. There is a ton of adventure in the future for our family and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Thank you for reading and coming back to my site through all the inconsistent posting, bad photography, incorrect spellings, and poor grammar. I strive to be better and improve with every single blog post, so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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In honor of being “live” on the internet for 12 whole months, here are 12 things you may not know about me.

1. I grew up in Chicago, lived in Las Vegas for about 10 years, then lived in the South my entire teaching career – my accent is crazy. I say my “A’s” like I’m from the Midwest, my vocabulary has a lot of West Coast slang, but I also have a southern twang when I say certain words.

2. In 2nd grade, I lived in the Philippines (where my parents are from). My best friend was the Canadian Ambassador’s daughter.

3. I got my driver’s license on the first try! But within the first two weeks of me driving, I got into so many car accidents that the insurance company threatened my parents to kick me off of their policy.

4. I love dance. I started dancing in high school on a competitive team, then a dance troupe, then I danced throughout college. Now, I only dance if I have a few drinks, if I’m super comfortable around you, or if there’s a good song playing.

5. My husband and I met on a hip hop dance crew.

6. My sister, my brother in law, and I were snorkeling in Key West, FL and we saw a black tipped reef shark. We got so excited, we chased it. It’s also one of the shark species that has attacked the most people.

7. I made more money as a hostess in Las Vegas, seating people at a restaurant, than I did as a teacher.

8. Lil Jon came to eat at the restaurant I worked at so much that he knew me by name.

9. I was awarded my Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction in April 2017. I graduated with distinction. Whoop!

10. If money, time, and energy weren’t an issue I would want to be a men’s fashion buyer, marine biologist, world traveler, chef, sneaker collector, food critic, yoga teacher, classroom teacher, classicist. Can that be a thing? LOL

11. The moles on my face make the letter “W”.

12. I totally believe in the whole “go with your gut” thing. When I was in college, there was a guy that I met that was super cute and funny, but I got a weird feeling about him. Later, I found out there were a few serious investigations on him. Another time, during a family road trip (in the 90s) I begged my parents to pull over because I felt weird. We were rushed into the basement of the rest stop because there was a tornado spotted close to where were driving.

Thank you again for reading and continuing to come back!

In the comments, tell me something interesting about yourself!

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I'm Justine. I'm married to the military and a mother to brothers. Welcome to my little space on the web!

It's Always Sunny in June is a lifestyle blog. I write about family travel, low-waste living, ethical and sustainable fashion, non toxic alternatives, and clean beauty. I share hilarious stories of life as a mother, wife, and millennial.

I'm just trying to see the world, eat everything without breaking out into a rash, and leave the world a little better than how we found it.


I'm far from perfect, a little sarcastic, a little self-deprecating -  but always awesome and always looking on the sunny side of life! Click around and stay a while! 

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