whirlwind..tornado..or hot mess?

DJ Baby Luke - Lucas passing his newborn hearing test!

DJ Baby Luke

The arrival of Lucas has come and gone. We’re all at home now resting and recovering. On Monday morning I woke up with horrible contractions that were 12 minutes apart and went all the way to Louisville to turn around and come back home.

On Tuesday we went in for the scheduled C Section. We went to the hospital at 5:30AM and by 7:53AM the 6lb 5oz baby came out! The surgery went well, I definitely felt more nauseous on the table this 3rd time around. My incision is a lot bigger, but thankfully my doctor cut where the other two incisions were. He was talking about cutting higher because your organs move around after having kids and he didn’t want to risk cutting through my bladder. Ew. The recovery was a lot tougher this time around, but I was up and shuffling around the room as much as I could the same day.

Mom is home with us helping out with the kids while I recover. Jay has been super dad – corralling the older kids, changing newborn diapers, and bringing me breakfast in bed every morning. Caleb and Isaac have been the BEST brothers – talking to Lucas, snuggling him, and getting on the floor with him during tummy time. I was worried about Isaac’s transition from youngest to middle (because he’s SO MEAN) but he’s been super gentle with Lucas. Caleb is super brother - as usual - holding him when can and incessantly asking about my C Section scar, Lucas’ circumcision, or my boobs.

We leave for a quick trip to DC next week. We’ll be attending the Olmsted Scholar Reunion and Orientation Weekend. Mom will be coming with us and Dad plans on flying out too (so he can eat crabs in MD) and they’ll be with the kids while we’re attending the meetings. We’re going to visit our new apartment, Caleb’s school, and tie up as many loose ends as we can before the actual move to DC.

I decided to do the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Program for Ho Chi Minh City. After talking to some people, I found out you can set your own schedule and length of contract. This will allow our family to travel around Asia as much as we want and when we move back to the states, I won’t break any obligations!

So this means I’ll be doing the certification classes online at night AND taking Vietnamese classes online at night and staying home with the kids during the day. I won’t be enrolling Isaac into part day school because its either not offered or waaaaay too expensive. I was banking on a gym membership with child care to get the kids around other kids but – you guessed it – it’s too expensive ($35/month – not bad! But the enrollment fee is $250 and childcare is $10/month/child). SO! I need to figure out what my options are with getting the kids socialized (other than the park, of course). Any suggestions are welcome with open arms! <3

The past week has been a whirlwind/tornado/mess and once we begin our move that will be CRAZY. Literally, I’ll have my 6-week postpartum appointment, be medically cleared for exercise and movement, and then we begin packing up. Thanks for following along as we adjust to the new normal! PS – friends, I really miss you. Please keep updating your Facebook and IG so I can keep up with you. I creep on all of your accounts during late night nursing sessions. Love you guys!