Six Essentials for the Sport Team Mom

The Sunny Six is a monthly feature of six of my favorite items. These items are essential to my well being as a wife, mother, grad student, human, nerd, and whatever else I feel like being that day. If you fall into any of those categories, or none of those categories, I hope you find some of the items featured helpful to you. This features six essentials for the mom whose kids are playing sports.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Kite Products. As always, all thoughts, ideas, and expressions written are 100% my own. Please read the disclaimer page for further information.

I’ve been a Sport Team Mom for about three years with no signs of stopping any time soon. My oldest has been on Swimming, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and TBall. I’ve been a coach, team mom, and spectator. No matter what sport or team you kid is playing on, I’ve rounded up some things that sports moms need for survival.

Sunglasses. Not only is the sun beating down on you but there are horrible calls from the referee or umpire, heckling parents, or parents that don’t understand that this is YOUTH SPORTS and not a professional league. Make sure never to leave the house without a nice dark pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays but also to hide all of the eye rolls you may be unconsciously (or consciously!) doing.

Bug Spray. The bugs in the South are UNFORGIVING. They find you and feast and you go home miserable because you’re all itchy and bumpy. I love the Kite Shield bug spray because it’s DEET free (DEET is a chemical that eats your clothes and irritates your skin). It’s made of botanical oils like lemongrass oil (a natural mosquito repellent), thyme oil, peppermint oil, and among other ingredients. Which means! It’s safe for your kids and for pregnant women, given your medical history if you’re not allergic to those oils. I personally love this smell over normal mosquito spray because mosquito spray smells like citronella I haaaaate the smell of citronella. The best part? Kite Shield lasts for 4 hours! You can apply it by the car and then you don’t have to worry about reapplying for a while.

Purse Snacks. When we go to practice or a game, it’s normally a family affair. Unless I’m at a professional sporting event, youth sport concession stand food does not appeal to my taste buds. Keeping purse snacks handy will make you happy and the rest of the family occupied! I try to bring two snacks per family member, that way my bag isn’t so heavy. I usually bring each kid a granola bar and a fruit snack, and a bag of crackers for sharing.

Toys. Unless your 18-month old is a genius, I’m pretty sure they don’t understand the rules of the game. Keeping small toys will help keep them occupied while you watch the older kid play. I make sure to keep a two or three dinosaurs, two cars, and a small drawing pad and pen for my younger son to play with. Sometimes the game holds his attention for the full two hours. Other times, the snacks help, but normally the purse toys have to come out because he’s over it after 20 minutes.

Blanket or Chair. Don’t assume that bleachers will be available! Bring a blanket or a chair to practice or a game. Standing up for two hours really sucks. Sitting on the damp ground sucks. Squatting hurts your knees. Just bring a portable chair or a thick picnic blanket for you and your kids to hang out on. If there are bleachers (that have been baking in the sun ALL DAY) then you can fold up your blanket to set on top of the bleachers to make for a comfier seat!

Water Bottle. Of course, keeping your little athlete hydrated is important. YOU the spectator and cheerleader need to be hydrated too. All the yelling, cheering, and sweating you’ll be doing will be sure to parch you. Keep hydrated while at practices and games!

What sports do your kids play? If your kids aren’t playing sports, what are your favorite sports to play?

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