NOT your basic hospital packing list

I wrote out a basic packing list for a hospital bag while preparing for delivery of Baby #3. But this list is the “Oh! Why didn’t I think of that!?” List. Hopefully you’ll use this and thank me!

When I delivered my second son, I totally overpacked the practical things. Like, I packed 15 receiving blankets. Why? I don’t know. Now that I’m on my 3rd rodeo, I’d like to think of myself as a self-proclaimed expert (even though I’m far far from it! Hah!)

As a C Section Mom, I’m required to stay in the hospital for at least four days. I don’t know about you, but after 24 hours… I. want. to. go. home. The cabin fever hits both me and my husband hard. But the nurses are there monitoring you and monitoring baby, so it all makes sense why we have to stay. Here are some additional things that I’m including in my hospital bag:

Abdominal Binder. In my opinion, this is a necessity no matter what way you deliver your baby. I only speak from C Section experience, but having an abdominal binder saved me. It held everything together after being cut open and sewn together. Coughing, walking, spitting out toothpaste, laughing, sneezing was all easier and made possible because of my trusty abdominal binder.

Face Cleansing Wipes. After I deliver a child, bending over a sink to wash my face is just not going to happen. But I’m crazy and I need a clean face, so face wipes it is! Plus, you don’t even have to get up out of bed!

Nose Strips and Sheet Mask. While we’re on the topic of face, why not take advantage of the downtime (trust me, there is A LOT) at the hospital by having a mini spa treatment. I love doing sheet masks on roadtrips while my husband is driving because what else is there to do other than look out the window, listen to music, or sit on my phone. So why not do a sheet mask in the hospital? Of course, don’t do it while you’re nursing your newborn because you want your baby to fall in love with your face – not be terrified of it.

Reusable Water Bottle. A few things: 1. There is something about hospitals that dry you out, my lips and hands are incredibly chapped any time I stay at the hospital. 2. It’s important to drink lots of water to help with recovery. 3. The thirst of a nursing mom is UNREAL. The hospital will provide you with Styrofoam cups, straws, and a pitcher. But when you are SO THIRSTY, chugging out of a little Styrofoam cup is so unsatisfying. Bringing a water bottle from home will help you drink lots of water while at the hospital and but will also be a major plus when you have to drive home and you’re thirsty!

eReader/Book/Magazine. In your downtime, get through a couple of pages of whatever it is you’re reading at the moment. If you’re not reading anything, catch up some celebrity gossip, latest trends in fashion, or any current events. When you go home you’ll probably be too tired to be doing any of that balancing life, a newborn, and your newly acquired mom-brain. Read! It’s good for you!

Baby Book. Ask the nurse/doctor to put your baby’s prints in the book. Put any bracelets or keepsakes in the book. There will be lots of emotions, so while you have some free time, write a letter to your baby in the book.

iPad/iPhone with Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. The hospital does not come equipped with all the best channels. So before you deliver, download the app or sign up for the service so you’ll have lots of entertainment during your stay at the hospital.

Tea Bags. I'm a big coffee snob. I can't even drink gas station coffee because it tastes like water to me. I know what you're thinking - Justine... there are bigger problems in this world than you getting some good coffee. I know. But at least I admit that I'm a big snob! So when I can't have good coffee, tea is my next go-to. Rather than making my husband leave to go on a coffee run, we just pack tea. All hospitals have a water dispenser that will dispense both hot and cold water, which makes getting your caffeine fix super easy!

In the comments, share what you do if you’re stuck somewhere and you have to pass the time OR if you're a parent, what did GENIUS thing did you pack in your hospital bag?

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