April Goals

I was inspired by fellow mom blogger and soon to be mom to two kids, Cait from Cait’s Cozy Corner. Her baby boy is due this month and this motivated momma has an April Goal post. She inspired me to do this because I’ve pretty much been a lazy bum since I finished grad school last March. I figured – with no school and a kid on the way, it’s time for me to relax. So I did! and it’s spiraled into a slippery slope of me fusing to my couch watching my kids play in front of me and occasionally yelling at them to play nice. The couch and I have become one entity. When I talk to my kids, the boys think the couch is talking to them. Yes, it’s that bad.

Here are my April Goals!

Clean up my blog – I’ve been blogging since July of last year. In those 9 short months, I have learned a lot, made lots of mistakes, grew from them, and are embarrassed by some of them. Since Spring is upon us, might as well spring clean my little space on the internet.

PURGE – If you haven’t heard the news, the family and I are getting ready for our next PCS (move, for all you non-military folk) to Washington DC, then to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Yes. Saigon. Yes, on the other side of the Earth. Moving is stressful, moving with a ton of unnecessary crap is even MORE stressful. Add in a newborn boy, two kids, and a hormonal wife and it’s a recipe for a goooood time. not. So we need to sell, donate, relocate, and throw away a lot of our things. It’ll be good lifestyle change because my family and I are hoarders in denial. We only have two feet, we don’t need 80 pairs of shoes or 3 big screen TVs. People are dying in this world. I’m incredibly blessed we can afford these luxuries but we DON’T need these things.

Get the dang nursery together – I’m 33 weeks pregnant. In 6 short weeks, my 3rd son will be here and he has no where to sleep. Granted, he’ll only be living there for a month before we move. But I didn’t even get clothes, diapers, or anything like that yet!

Pack a Hospital Bag – 6 weeks, Justine. Come on, get your life together.

Spend time with the family – I don’t mean sitting on the couch while the kids watch TV and my husband and I are on our phones. I mean, real, quality time. Maybe go on more walks, play board games, go on dates, or just sit and have a conversation or a cuddle session. I need to be more present while we have some down time.

Spend time with my husband – Another one. Actual quality time with him. Not sit in the same room with him, watch TV while he plays his computer game, or read while he watches TV. I need to be more present with him, too. He works ALL day, hustling for the family and for our country. It’s literally the least I can do. Having a date night or hanging out with him after the kids go to sleep is a must before we move and are outnumbered by our boys.

What are some of your goals this month? Or do you have any weekly goals?

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