Dear Friends...

Dear Friends,

Please update your social media. No, I don’t mean with videos of food, animals, crazy thefts, or insane slam dunks. But I mean with actual things going on in your life. My timeline has become politically charged and a little sad! Yes, I agree that it’s incredibly important to stay “woke”, but please know that I have been “woke” since about 3AM this morning taking care of kids. Or not sleeping because I’m in my third trimester and I’m uncomfortable. Once the baby comes, I’ll be the most “woke” person on the planet!

Please update your social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat… LinkedIn... whatever! Just update it with things going on in your life. Of course, I would like to know about pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, engagements, and marriage and what not – but I also would like to know what you’re reading, what you’re eating/drinking, and where you’re traveling and what you’re doing when traveling! Update it with how you’re doing in school or at work, how your kids are, or what funny thing your spouse did earlier that evening! I want to know if you’re going to the gym and getting healthy. I want to know if you indulged in that yummy dessert while on a date night with your significant other. Update it with songs that are good, books worth reading, or movies worth watching! Before you call me a terrible friend for not keeping up with your life, I’ll just say it. Yes, I am a terrible friend. Life got the best of me – my kids, grad school, my job, and time zones took over and now I go to bed super early and wake up even earlier, fall back asleep, then wake up even more tired. So before you call me a bad friend for not keeping in touch, do you really want a “Hey! What’s up? How’s life?” call or text at 4AM while you’re sleeping and I have to nurse a baby? Or would it be easier for me to just look on social media and see what you’re up to?

Share what you’re comfortable with, of course! Don’t air your dirty out for the world to see! I appreciate the articles shared, the videos shared, all the viral memes – but I also want to know what’s going on in your life as well! The next time you’re on a social media app, just post a quick update on your life! Upload a picture of something you did! Just keep me updated! I just really miss adult interaction… and sleep!


A very tired Mom

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I'm Justine. I'm married to the military and a mother to brothers. Welcome to my little space on the web!

It's Always Sunny in June is a lifestyle blog. I write about family travel, low-waste living, ethical and sustainable fashion, non toxic alternatives, and clean beauty. I share hilarious stories of life as a mother, wife, and millennial.

I'm just trying to see the world, eat everything without breaking out into a rash, and leave the world a little better than how we found it.


I'm far from perfect, a little sarcastic, a little self-deprecating -  but always awesome and always looking on the sunny side of life! Click around and stay a while! 

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