Big *BIG* News

Happy Thursday, all! Yesterday was a whirlwind of emotions. I turned in my very last assignment for my Master’s Degree early early this morning (like at about 3AM), got about 3 hours of sleep, and late this morning we found out that Jay got accepted into the Olmsted Scholar Program!

He began his application process like two years ago. He had to meet certain prerequisites like have a good GPA both in undergraduate and graduate courses, take the GRE, and conduct an extensive in-depth phone interview. I’m sure there was a lot of other military requirements that he needed to complete, but once you start speaking in acronyms, my brain shuts down. There was a lot of waiting up until this point, but man, the waiting was well worth it!

The Olmsted Scholar Program sponsors Active Duty Officers from all branches of the military to become immersed in a foreign language, followed by a 2-year graduate program overseas in that country. So, by this time next year we will be living in HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM!

There are a lot of unknowns. There are more unknowns than knowns, but hey… that’s the military life for you. Here is what we do know:

  1. We will be living in Washington, DC for a year to learn Vietnamese before moving there.

  2. We will be moving to Vietnam.

  3. Jay will be getting his Masters.

  4. Vietnamese food is delicious.

  5. We WILL be moving back to Fort Bragg, NC after this experience.

Here is my To Do List:

  • ​Tell friends and family.

  • Celebrate.

  • Birth a Baby.

  • Get passports for the kids.

  • Go to DC for the Olmsted Scholar Welcome and Reunion Weekend.

  • Find a place to live in DC.

  • Pack up our stuff in KY, downsize and store, and move to DC.

  • Learn Vietnamese.

  • Find a school to send Caleb to.

  • Find an international school to teach English at.

  • Find a place to live in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Move to Vietnam.

  • Eat all the food, travel to all the places, see all the sights, fall in love with the culture, teach my kids about different cultures.

  • Move back to the US after Jay graduates.

We completed #1 all day today, I’m glad I was able to tell friends and family on the phone or via text. I’m sorry if I scared anyone thinking I went into labor early and what not. We complete #2 and celebrated at home with some pizza. Then, I completed half of #4 – get passports for the kids. No, I didn’t get the passports, nor did I get the pictures, I looked up how to get passports for the kids and got paperwork. Hah! And did a quick google search on Ho Chi Minh City and places to live in DC.

This is the start of an INSANE adventure. I’ll be blogging and posting everything as I go, because at the end of this experience, Jay has to write a 50-page paper documenting his experience, but this will also be a super cool thing to look back on in the future.

If anyone has advice in where to live in the DC area, please contact me! We prefer to be close to a metro station and a good elementary school! Thank you! <3

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