Sunny Six: Six Beauty Edition (part two!)

The Sunny Six is a monthly feature of six of my favorite items. These items are essential to my well being as a wife, mother, grad student, human, nerd, and whatever else I feel like being that day. If you fall into any of those categories, or none of those categories, I hope you find some of the items featured helpful to you. This features beauty essentials for the busy/lazy lady. I already wrote about a few beauty essentials, but I just had to continue my list!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I've posted about lips and lipstick before, but I didn't mention this brand. This stuff is the real deal. It’s burger proof, coffee proof, ramen proof, chicken wing proof, kissing your dude proof, screaming at your kid proof. Basically, it’s life proof. I layer it over lip liner or I put it on after I put some chapstick and it stays on for HOURS. I think the longest I went was 6 hours before I got sick of it and just wiped it off my face. I love how lipstick just makes me look like I have my life put together, even when I totally don’t. So if I’m in a rush, meeting up with friends, just out of the gym, or going to a military ball – this is my go-to lipstick. There’s 28 shades.

My go-to’s are “Lolita” (a dusty rose) and “Outlaw” (a cool red).

Neutrogena Bar. Yes, this $2 bar is everything. I wash my face with it at night once a week or whenever I’ve been wearing a full face of cake face make up. I feel like it strips off your entire first layer of skin, so you start off with a new fresh palette for make up the next day. I normally use a less aggressive face soap when washing my face daily since my skin is so sensitive and the water in Kentucky sucks. But this product does amazing things for your…

Beauty Blender (or BB is what all the make up gurus refer to it as). Okay, so don’t laugh but I just discovered this last year. I used to apply my foundation using just a normal foundation brush but my brush got so gross so fast, then I used a flat foundation brush and my face looked TOO done. I’m the type that likes some foundation coverage but not looking like a doll. I like when you can still see the moles and freckles on my face. With these sponges going for $20 a pop, I’ve only bought like 2 in the entire year I’ve found out about them (so, you’re supposed to change it every month but I have kids to feed, mmkay? 12x20 = a week and a half of groceries). I used all the “hacks” online – dish soap, Dial, baby soap – but nothing seemed to get my Beauty Blender clean enough. I’m also not about to spend $16 on some blender cleanser, because that’s like, 4 coffees. My friend showed me this amazing technique:

Hello, gross beauty blenders!

Take your Neutrogena bar and wet your BB under warm water.

Rub your BB onto the Neutrogena bar, wring out BB under running water, and repeat until water runs clear.

Hello clean beauty blenders!!

PS – the stuff that comes out of your beauty blender is GROSSSS (but so satisfying!). Now, you can extend the life of your beauty blender for at least a couple more months!

Micellar Water. My sister lives in Switzerland and she told me European women don’t use face wash. When I visited her, it took me forever to find face wash there since I forgot to pack mine. In Europe, they don’t put water on their face unless they absolutely have to (like in the shower). But even so, they try to avoid it because the water is certain European countries is super hard, crazy right? Instead, they use Micellar Water which is basically “soft water” its like an oil and water mixture that is extremely gentle on your face but heavy-duty enough to take off make up. Since it has oil in it, it’s also moisturizing. So it’s like a face wash, make up remover, and moisturizer all in one. If I put on a full face of make up, I use face wash to take off the dirt and make up off my face. But with my daily make up, I just use micellar water both in the day and at nighttime to take my make up off. I always put moisturizer on afterwards. I like to take this when I travel because I never know how the water is going to be, and my skin could either break out in a rash super easily or break out into an acne party.

Look how bubbly it is - it's not just water.

Body Brush. I used to have eczema when I was younger, I grew out of it but now I’m just plagued with some super dry skin. I started looking up some dry skin remedies and I came across this article on dry brushing. Apparently the benefits of dry brushing are ridiculous – improved digestion, kidney function, reducing the appearance of cellulite, hyperpigmentation, the list goes on. The best time to dry brush is the first thing in the morning, but I just dry brush before I take a shower. I started dry brushing when I was pregnant with Isaac and I continue to this day. I really don’t notice a lot with my kidney function or blood circulation, but I did notice that my usual fat pockets on my hips and butt were not as dimply! The articles that I linked give you step by step directions on how to dry brush – basically start at your ankles and brush up in small strokes towards your heart.

Foot Scrub. Confession Time! My feet are not pretty. I had dancer feet for the longest time. I also don’t like wearing socks – not in the wintertime not in the summer time. I only wear socks when I want be comfy or if I’m in a bad mood and I need cheering up with some fun socks on my feet, otherwise I wear house slippers. Since I hate wearing socks and it’s the winter - I feel like it’s pointless to get pedicures in the winter - my feet have gotten a little… scratchy. Thank goodness for foot scrub. I use it in the shower to exfoliate my heels. This allows me to rub my feet on my husband or my kids without either of them screaming in pain because of my feet!

I hope you try some of my beauty favorites. Let me know if you do and if they work for you! In the meantime, in the comments, let me know what your favorite go to beauty products are!

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