i hate raising boys

raising boys is the worst

So back in December we found out we were having another boy! There will be three boys running wild in my house. I will be outnumbered. I will be screaming more than talking, cleaning more than relaxing, and my house and car will smell like a gym locker more than Bath and Body Works. It’s no secret that raising and parenting boys is different than raising and parenting girls. My husband and I received a multitude of reactions as we prepare ourselves to raise three boys, mostly pity because everyone knows parenting and raising boys is the worst.

Raising Boys is the Worst!

They’re so macho. The male instinct to protect is so burdening. Even at a young age, boys wanting to be helpful, constantly checking on you if you’re okay, running to the sound of a loud crash because they want to be a hero is SO bothersome. I really hate it when my husband is so helpful around the house and lessens my workload. It drives me nuts when my oldest son throws the blanket over both him and his brother if something “scary” comes on the TV or how my younger son goes and hugs his brother if he gets in trouble or gets hurt. Ugh, boys are the worst.

Raising Boys is the Worst!

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They have terrible communication. Girls are great because they’re so vocal their vocabulary is more extensive, and they are definite over sharers! Growing up I would talk to my guy friends about a problem, in hopes to just vent. But they just kept trying to fix the problem instead of just listen to me. Why do guys always insist on fixing everything?! The thing I noticed about raising my boys is that even though they don’t talk through their emotions and talk to me and tell me what’s wrong - they show how much they care, roar about how angry something made them, and display their achievements even if they don’t talk about them. LOL. Boys.

Boys are dirty. Boys, whether it’s them being hands on fixing something you asked them to fix or getting into something they shouldn’t have, boys are dirty. It’s their natural inquisitiveness and sense of exploration! Oh, it doesn’t just stop there, it’s the questions too! It’s the “why” or the “what happens if…” or “you know what would be cool if…”. Their sense of wonder is draining. Constantly having to feed their curiosity is just, ugh. Explaining to my oldest son how to burp a baby because he kept wondering what I was doing, my husband researching nursing tips on how to increase milk supply, or showing my younger son where to put his hands to push the stroller is so frustrating because god forbid, us women feeding the curiosity of eager boys can turn into nurturing men.

They are terrible gift givers. When they’re young, it starts off with lint – the only thing they can get their hands on at the time. Then, as they get older they pick up a stick or a rock to give to you because “it’s pretty just like mommy”. Next, they give you haphazardly drawn pictures, things with their handprints on them, and little poems. Then, it turns into mugs, and thoughtful things like socks, wine glasses, or handsome pictures of themselves. Eventually, little terrible gifts turn into big terrible gifts like jewelry, flowers, spa days, and so on. These boys, they just don't know!

They’re never serious. Boys, such free spirits, not taking anything serious at all. Girls are serious. Us women, well, we never forget! But boys?! They laugh things off, turn things into a joke, and can drop things (arguments, annoyances, problems) at the snap of a finger. It doesn’t even take much for them to laugh -- someone falling or a fart noise is enough to set off a 10-minute laughing fit. Company coming over? Now is the perfect time for a dance party. Mom mad? Make a fart noise and run around with underwear on your head to make her laugh. Wife mad? Make a corny joke with a bad pun. Boys are the epitome of forgive and forget. They just need to take life more serious, hold on to all of the stress their lives, and stop making people laugh because laughing is contagious.

Raising Boys is the Worst!

While raising and parenting boys is indeed "the worst". ;-) I would never, ever change it for the world! Other than the pee, I would change the pee from on and around the toilet to actually IN the toilet. After all, boys will be boys!

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