Sunny Six - six INEXPENSIVE ways to show someone you love them

The Sunny Six is a monthly feature of six of my favorite items. These items are essential to my well being as a wife, mother, grad student, human, nerd, and whatever else I feel like being that day. Whether you fall into any of these categories or not, I hope you find some of the featured items helpful to you. This features six, small, inexpensive ways to show your significant other that you love them.

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are some timeless ideas that you can use year-round to show your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend that you love them. Thanks to my husband and his BFF for helping me come up with this list!

Cleaning/Detailing the Car – Men love cars, women love clean things. More often than not, women’s car’s are dirtier than a man’s car, probably because we’re toting kids, dogs, friends, or food around. Stealing your significant other’s car for an hour or two to get it washed and detailed is the ultimate “I LOVE YOU!” for both guys and girls. Extra brownie points to you if you do the washing, wiping, and vacuuming yourself!

Quick voluntary Hand/Neck/Foot massage– The keyword is voluntary, here, people. Doing this mini massage unasked for! If you’re riding shotgun, it’s easy to just reach over and grab your partners hand and give a quick hand massage. A quick neck massage in the kitchen while your partner loads/unloads a dishwasher or grab a foot while you two are sitting on the couch. A quick 5-minute rub is all you need to show how much you appreciate them.

Small gifts – A small, inexpensive, less than $10, surprise token of appreciation is sweet way to say “I love you”. Coming home with food ordered from your boyfriend’s favorite restaurant, running some errands and grabbing your girlfriend’s favorite pack of gum or candy on the way, stopping at an office supplies store to get your wife some colorful pens, or adding your husband’s favorite hair product to your Amazon cart before you check out are all small inexpensive things you get can buy to show your love.

A surprise visit at work with or without food– Nothing breaks up a monotonous or stressful work day than seeing someone you love with food. Figure out your schedule, figure out their schedule, and drop off lunch! If you can’t, drop off coffee or a smoothie, or even just a surprise visit to give a hug and a kiss will put a big smile on their face.

Tagging a loved one – Tag your loved one on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or whatever social media platform you’re both on. A funny video, infographic, picture, meme, or gif to let them know that you’re thinking about them doesn’t take too much time out of your day to give your honey warm and fuzzy feelings and a laugh.

Handwritten note – With smart phones, technology, email, Bluetooth, texting, and whatever convenient method of communication we use - we are getting less mail in our mailbox and less handwritten notes delivered. There is something romantic about getting something handwritten from someone you love. Take a few minutes and scribble a quick note to your significant other. It can be on a bathroom mirror, a dry erase board in the house, a post it on the steering wheel, or a note on a napkin in their lunch box. An “I love you!”, “Have a wonderful day”, or “You’re beautiful! <3” can turn into a little keepsake they can reference when they have a bad day or if they miss you.

Some other ideas are:

  • Lyrics to a song

  • Quote from a book/movie

  • An inside joke

  • Bible verse

  • Showing gratitude – “Thanks for dinner last night, it was yummy” or “Thanks for putting my clothes away!”

  • Something sweet – “Can’t wait to be lazy on the couch with you” or “You’re an amazing mom”

The best part of this list, you can do some of this right now! So go and tag your husband or wife, jot down a handwritten note for your girlfriend or boyfriend, or pick up that special someone a candy bar while you’re filling up your car. You don’t need a sky writer or a big romantic gesture to show someone that you love them.

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